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Building a fire is one of those household tasks that we love to hate.

Our busy lives often mean that having the time to build a fire in a wood stove or open fire place gets overlooked.

The way in which a fire is built impacts greatly on the end result.

Creating an efficient fire is all about starting our correctly.

Historically, this meant kindling, fire lighters, newspaper and time to build the fire before adding logs.

The privets of building a fire can be tome consuming and sometimes frustrating.

Certainly, there is an art to building a fire in our homes which some can find tricky.

Hot Box ® Firestarter | The perfect fire in a box

After spending over a decade building fires for our clients we have now built the solution.

The perfect fire in a box, packaged and ready to use on any home fireplace or appliance.

Hot Box ® Firestarter is already the perfect fire, all you need to do is light it with a match or a lighter, we have done the rest.

Our unique stack of components and patented design creates the perfect fire without failure every time.

The days of needing several component parts to light a fire are gone.

Building a fire | How does it work?

There are numerous schools of thought when it comes to building a fire.

One person will advise you differently to another as to the best way.

However, when building a fire it is important to first consider the basics.

Fire is the result of a chemical reaction known as combustion.

During the combustion flashes are produced which is known as ignition.

Importantly, the flames of a fire consist mainly of carbon dioxide, water vapour, oxygen and nitrogen.

Fire emits heat and light. The chemical reaction, combustion, or when flames are produced, is exothermic.

The process of combustion releases more energy than is needed to cause or sustain ignition.

For combustion to occur, three things must be present…

  • Fuel | Hot Box ® Firestarter contains fuel elements
  • Oxygen | Hot Box ® Firestarter promises a flow of air or oxygen around the fuel elements.
  • Energy, or in this case heat. By using a match or lighter to ignite Hot Box ® Firestarter the rest of the process will occur.

By encompassing all of the basic elements, our fire lighter creates the perfect fire.

Thereafter, to to sustain combustion, further fuel should be added.

Logs or briquettes are the perfect companion after we have helped build and light your fire.

Building a fire | Can’t I just do it myself?

Of course, our product is aimed at convenience, ease of use and reliability are one of our main features.

Our product is consistent each time it is used. Importantly, the results will always be the same.

However, building a fire is nothing new.

If you wish you can consider the above prices and gather the components to build a fire.

However, it should be considered that starting a fire is not always guaranteed.

Inconsistencies with your fuel, lack of oxygen due to the way the fuel is arranged, can all contribute to failure,

Importantly, such inconsistencies do not exist with Hot Box ® Firestarter.

Making the perfect fire | A simple formula, or is it?

The general principal of fire building is simple.

Our equation below may help you get so far, as is the modern way we have depicted this using emoji’s!

🥵 + ⛽️ + 💨 = 🔥

Heat + Fuel + Oxygen = Fire.

lighting a fire without kindling

lighting a fire without kindling or firelighters
lighting a fire without kindling or firelighters
the best way to light a fire.
the best way to light a fire.


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