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A simple concept

Designed by Hot Box ® | Made by you…

We will provide you with our design and grant a licence for you to use our intellectual property.

Thereafter, you will be responsible for manufacturing our unique firelighter and distributing it in your territory.

You will use our systems to sell our product and we will take a small fee per unit sold. 

The fees are paid each time a transaction is made and the rest of the money is sent directly to a bank account nominated by you. 


A growing market

The hearth market for fireplace products is growing year on year.

Our product is totally unique but we believe that it should be made in the country where it is sold.

Sending it off to a far flung corner of china and shipping it around the world would perhaps be easier.

However, we strive to reduce the miles that each of our little boxes travels by encouraging micro manufacturing at local level.

Keeping things local will help reduce the overall impact caused by transportation. 

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If you would like to understand more about this unique business in a box, please reach out to us using the button below.

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How long does it takes to we get back to you

We aim to revert within 48 hours. Time zones, evenings and weekends may mean our response is delayed until the next working day.

How do I sell Hot Box ® Firestarter

That’s up to you. You can add it to your existing online store or sell it to retail outlets for re sale. We will provide you will all the tools needed to add leads, manage clients, create quotations, set discount rates, take payments and sell quantities.

How do Hot Box make money?

You will manage all transactions through our CRM system. Every time a payment is made, we will split the value at source using our payment gateway provider.

Because we only have one pack size, the structure is simple.

27 Firelighters should be sold for £30.00. Our fee for this would be 27 x £0.05 so a total of £1.35+VAT.

How many could I sell?

This will vary depending upon the size of your market. A good example is as follows:

The uk reportedly has 2.5 million registered wood burning stoves. Forget other use cases for the moment.

If we can harness 5% user rate who light a fire on average 50 times per annum then this would equate to:

125000 units x 50 uses = 6 250 000 units or 120,0192 units per week.

How Much do they cost to make?

Depending upon where you are, the costs associated per unit would be roughly:

Outer box and fitments. £0.10

Internal components £0.25

Labour £0.15

Total £0.50 per firestarter unit or £13.50 per 27 pack.

Outer packaging and distribution would be in addition to this and would vary based upon applied economies of scale.

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