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  • Remember that Hot Box ® Firestarter replaces both kindling and firelighters.
    A subscription would mean that your fire starters would arrive each week or month as you choose. You could also add other items such as logs to this to ensure you always have enough fuel but don't always need to store it.
  • Include winter, summer, BBQ's, Camping...
  • Include fireplaces, stoves, fire pits, Pizza ovens, BBQ's or other items that need you to light a fire.
    Let us know if you feel our UK manufacturing base and the use of natural materials is important and may affect your decision to purchase.
    Currently we offer online only purchasing, we are considering approaching some selected retailers about holing a stock of our firelighter.
  • In your own words, let us know if there are any other thoughts that you have about our product. Your feedback helps us improve and we welcome your comments.