Fire lighters for log burner | How to use Hot Box ® Firestarter

fire without kindling

Fire lighters for log burner

The choices available when it comes to lighting your log burner can be overwhelming.

However, during the course of this post we find out why Hot Box ® Firestarter will out perform its rivals.

The art of firelighting

Lighting a fire requires an element of skill. However, preparation is usually the key to success.

Further, remembering the basic principals of fire can pay dividends.

The fire triangle clearly sets out the basic requirements to create fire.

Heat, oxygen and fuel are the component parts needed to make fire.

Hot Box ® Firestarter embodies all of these and will create the perfect fire in a log burner with one strike of a match or click of a lighter.

Usually, to create a fire in a log burner, a user would have to undertake the following steps.

Source firelighters, choose from one of the many options available on the market fro sachets to wood wool.

Source and store kindling, small pieces of chopped up dry wood which will ignite easily.

Arrange your fireweed, create a flat area on which to prepare a new fire.

Neatly arrange or stack kindling to promote airflow and allow the fuel to ignite.

Add your firelighter in the correct place, at the top or base can work.

The Top down method is reportedly the best way to light a log burner.

Thereafter, you will need to ignite your firelighter and wait for the kindling to burn before adding further fuel such as logs or briquettes.

Storing and arranging ll of these component parts can be a real faff.

Further, the time needed to arrange your fire takes time and effort.

However, with Hot Box, we have already prepared the fire, all you need to do is light the box.

Fire lighters for log burner | let us explain…

Fire lighters for log burner | Find out more…

Now, we have provided some captions to help set our stall out.

Often however, it is better to see this in a brief video.

By now, we are sure that you will agree. Hot Box ® Firestarter makes lifting your log burner really easy.

Let’s put all that together in a short video…

Fire lighters for log burners | What else is there to say?

Of course, there are other options out there. However, at hot box we have been lighting fires every day for over a decade.

During tis time, we have always used kindling and firelighters to do the job, until now.

Since imagining, designing, and building the first prototype of our unique firelighters for log burners, we no longer use anything else.

Our teams of stove installers always carry a box with them to test and comission all of the stoves that we fit.

Many of our customers are converted to using Hot Box ® Firestarter to light their stoves.

As such, and although our product is new, our little lighter is quickly gaining popularity as the fire lighter for log burners.

Want to see some more? The button below will take you to our our tube channel where you can peruse some more videos of different stoves being lit using Hot Box ® Firestarter.

fire lighters for log burner

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