Firelighters and kindling?

Which are best when it comes to getting your fire going quickly, easily and without much fuss.

Let’s face it, we all love a bit of convenience when it comes to lighting our fire.

Hot Box have considered the best firelighters on show and pitched them against our own.

Who comes out on to depends upon a few simple factors. We ask 5 key questions against each firelighter tested during this article.

The positions are based upon our own results using seasoned hardwood logs and where necessary kindling, split from the same logs by us.

  1. How fast will they get going.
  2. How long will they burn for.
  3. Do you need to use kindling.
  4. Will you have to build the fire.
  5. Are they consistent, i.e, the same every time?


Hot Box ® Examine the best firelighters out there and compare them against our own natural firelighter. We consider burn time, prices and the need to add kindling to get your fire started.

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Top 5 firelighters

Convenience, price, ease of use and time to full fire are all examined.

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In around 8 minutes in a regular wood burning stove, Hot Box Firestarter is fully alight within around 5 minutes. Further, we stacked logs around this ingenious little firelighter for the ultimate firelighting convenience.

Each firelighter burns for around 17 minutes on their own. However, if you add logs around the firelighter then you can expect a full fire in around 10 minutes.

No, you do not need additional kindling or smaller logs when using this natural firelighter. Everything that you need to start your fire is inside the box which you simply set on fire using a match or lighter.

There is no need to build a fire, the fire has already been built inside the box and the unique stack promotes airflow and generates significant heat. This natural firelighter creates more heat, more quickly than any of the other subjects of our test.

Yes, we used them to light 5 fires in the same wood burning stove using the same variable such as fuel type and air flow into the stove.

The results are the same every time and the firelighter did not fail to create the perfect fire.

Further, there was no discrepancy in size or how quickly the fire got going.


Zip make individual firelighters which will get going pretty quickly using matches or a lighter. However, to generate heat, you will need to consider using two or even three per fire of most firelighters in their natural range. 

Firelighters from Zip are not designed to burn for a long time, Instead, they are made to create initial heat and for use with kindling to generate further heat that is sufficient to ignite logs. 

Yes, kindling will be required when using Zip natural firelighters. They are designed to be an ignition element rather than a complete firelighting solution. Be prepared to chop logs into smaller pieces or have to purchase kindling sticks separately. 

When using Zip firelighter productss, you will need to actively build your fire. Build the fire slowly using smaller kindling sticks, tinder or split logs. 

Zip are world leaders in firelighters. Their products are consistent and work each time with little failure. However, you will still need to put the effort into building a fire and there does not seem to be an all in one, simply add logs solution to the range for use in wood burning stoves for example.