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Individual Firelighters

Hot Box ® Firestarter is an individual firelighter.

Designed and patented in the United Kingdom this little box has some immense fire power.

With its unique chimney system and integral air flow, the process of firelighting is ultimately convenient.

When looking to purchase firelighters for your stove, open fire or camping trip there is a plethora of choice.

Furthermore, for decades fires have been made using tinder, kindling wood and traditional firelighters.

Whilst this option clearly works, it is not always foolproof. Small inaccuracies and user error can make the process of firelighting tricky.

Moreover, emissions from the process of lighting your fire can be increased if heat is not generated quickly.

Hot Box ® Firestarter creates the perfect bed for a fire, enabling the additional fuel such as logs or briquettes to be added.

Further, you do not need kindling, our firelighter generates enough heat to consume the chunkiest of logs.

Moreover, our unique stack of components, neatly contained within a handy cube, means that you will never need to build a fire again.

Hot Box Firestarter | Natural Firelighter | Fire Starter
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Fire lighter convenience

At the forefront of the design has always been convenience. Our aim was to provide a solution that created the perfect fire every time without failure.

Moreover, as part of our design process, we considered pack sizes and use cases carefully, let us explain a little more.

  • Our two pack of firelighters offers enough for the weekend, and the handy form is easy to take away with you for use on your fire pit, chimney or in a holiday cottage with a wood burner.
  • Further, the 8 pack was designed to last a week, with one left over for the weekend to use on your wood fired pizza oven. A convenient 200mm cube is easy to store and stacks neatly in a kitchen cupboard.
  • Moreover, our 27 pack was designed for a month. This handy pack forms a 300mm cube and will keep you going for a while, depending on how often you need to use firelighters.

Organised firelighting

If your one of the orgainsed types perhaps the over thinker, the rainy day etc…Then the 27 pack may be for you.

Not only is the 27 pack ideal for a full months worth of firelighting it saves you money per fire! Taking the average cost to light your fire down to an easy to swallow £1.33.

Think of the time and hassle saved not having to rustle up newspaper or fumble about with jenga towers of kindling. Just a quick, easy and most noteworthy convenient firestarter in a box.

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Order 27 Firelighters

The Firelighter Summary

In short you are looking to achieve one thing, and that is to light a fire quickly and easily.

Our product is convenient and the following benefits versus other methods are clear.

  • Natural Firelighters | Hot Box ® Firestarter is 100% natural.
  • UK Made or manufactured in the country of sale.
  • Time Saving, the perfect fire is seconds away and time to full fire is around 5 minutes.
  • More Efficient, by eliminating user error, firelighting becomes more efficient and less emissions are produced.
  • Recycled material, even the tape we use on our outer boxes is made from paper.
  • No plastics used across our packaging, something that we are keen on maintaining even as we scale our business.
  • No chemicals used in the manufacturing process, just natural products, often curated from waste streams.

The choice you make when lighting your fire has a far wider impact than you may imagine. Hot Box Firestarter is a natural product, made from recycled material. Furthermore it is made right here in the UK.

Something money can’t buy and that is extra time, using a Hot Box Firestarter means more time saved lighting your fire and more time gained to enjoy it!

With the environmental impacts of wood burning in constant focus,  we all have to do our bit to help with climate change. By changing your firelighter over to a Hot Box Firestarter you are helping make that change little by little.

Let us explain a little more…

Most particulate emissions from wood burning are created during the initial combustion and extinguishing phases.

Our natural firelighter generates more heat, more quickly than any other firelighter currently available.

Further, our product is completely natural with no harmful chemicals used as part of the manufacturing process.

Interestingly, as part of our pledge, we have eradicated the use of any plastics across our packaging and intend to keep it this way.

Moreover, even our packaging tape is made from recycled paper.

Additionally, we strive to manufacture our product using waste streams and are continually striving to take advantage of recycling methods when making our firelighters.

In conclusion, we hope you enjoy the journey of using our sustainable, natural firelighter and invite you to leave your experiences and feedback below.

More environmental initiatives…

Further, as the demand for our product grows and we start to distribute it around the world we intend to maintain a clear theme.

As opposed to exporting our product and transporting it around the globe we will mange manufacture as follows.

Domestic manufacturing is important to us. For example, if the product is to be sold in a given country, we will strive tp make it there.

For example, if we enter a market such as the USA with our firelighter, we will arrange for manufacture in the local market.

Further, we will strive to manufacture on a regional level to mitigate the miles our product travels.

Moreover, by keeping things localised, we can take advantage of recycling initiatives at each stage in each location.

Tree planting and giving back…

As our product is wood based, it makes sense that we help regenerate forests as we develop.

As such, we intend to pledge a percentage of our annual revenues towards tree planting initiatives in the UK.

Through collaboration with, we will make significant contributions over time to add to the 23,959 trees that have been planted to date.

Specifically, we in the UK, we will donate towards the Charlottes Wood Project in Somerset. 

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