How Big is the Firelighter Market?

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How Big is the firelighter Market?

How big is the firelighter market is a question that is not easy to answer.

Limited specific data exists to answer this particular question accurately.

However, other data allows us to make some assumptions.

Hot Box ® Fireatarter is a start up product entering a market which is experiencing significant growth.

Lets take a look at some interesting statistics.

How many wood burners in the UK?

Shrouded in some mystery, the exact number of wood burning stoves fitted in the UK is not an easy number to find.

However, research suggests that by 2018 there were an estimates 1.5 million appliances registered.

Further, it is widely considered that around a further 200,000 units are installed each year.

Therefore, a conservative estimate for the number of wood burners in the UK is 2.3 million.

How often do we use our wood burners?

Again, there is no exact number. However, with recent spikes in energy prices, wood fuel is set to become a popular choice for 2022 and beyond.

At Hot Box, since we started fitting stoves in 2008, we have installed almost 2000 of them.

Check out our map to see where we have been over the years! 

We believe that the average wood burner user lights a fire 80 times per annum.

How does this stack up?

So, lets run some numbers.

2.3 million x 80 is 184million fires lit per annum.

Notwithstanding open appliances, BBQ’s, fire pits and pizza ovens, the number is considerable.

Does this form the market for firelighters in the UK?

We believe that it does.

How does Hot Box ® Firestarter fit?

When we set about designing our patented firestarter, we had to understand some numbers to see if it was viable.

Of course, there are a number of factors to consider when launching any product.

However, we based our model on obtaining 2% market penetration with our unique totally natural firelighter.

This equates to 3.68 million units per annum or 460,000 packs of 8.

However, to date we have not achieved this sort of scale but hope to do so as we strive to bring our product into the public domain.

How does this look internationally?

Reportedly, the UK market for wood burning is smaller than most European countries.

So, if we were to remain conservative and base the above numbers on 16 European Marketplaces the numbers start to become mind boggling.

Are there really 2,944,000,000 fires lit every year across Europe?

If this is the case, and our unique firelight proves to be a popular choice, we are likely to be busy.

2% market penetration would mean that we would need to produce 58,880,000 units or 7,360,000 8 packs to meet demand.

Where to Buy Hot Box ® Firestarter

Right now, we are focusing on a direct to consumer approach whilst we figure out how we can scale manufacture.

You can pick up our patented fire starters directly from our online store.

Further, we have entered into the World of Amazon so you can also procure a pack here. 

Of course, our patented firelighter is also available to collect from us right here. 

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