Hot Box Firestarter

How to light a fire easily

The Hot Box Firestarter is the answer to that very question. Take a look at our video user guides for a detailed example.

The perfect fire every time….

How to light a fire is a question posed by many. Hot Box ® Firestarter provides a comprehensive answer to that question.

No Kindling, rolled up paper, fire lighters or faff. We have packaged the prefect fire into a handy little cube and patented it.

Simply pop out the chimney and one of the air vents, light with a match then add logs for the perfect fire, anywhere, any time. Hot Box ® Firestarter is a modern solution to an age old problem, how to light the perfect fire every time and without fail.

As convenient as microwaving your tea! From Yorkshire with Love. ” By eck”

How to light a pizza oven

Everyone loves a wood fired pizza. However, lighting the fire in a pizza oven and getting it up to temperature can sometimes be a chore. Let Hot Box ® Firestarter take the hassle away. Simply pop out the chimney and one of the air holes at the base, stack some logs around our handy little firelighter, light with a match and wait. #alfapizza

How to light a fire pit

Don’t settle for having to waft the flames of your firepit in an attempt to get the slightest of embers to ignite. Pop open the appropriate holes on the Hot Box ® Firestarter and simply add some logs. Within around ten minutes, or after you have demolished the first glass of the evening, the flames will be dancing in your fire pit, and that won’t be because of the booze! #firepit

How to light a wood burner

Wood burning stoves provide a superb focal point in any room. Lighting them however can sometimes get frustrating, Don’t let your logburner get the better of you. Hot Box ® Firestarter is the perfect firelighter for getting a stove going. Simply pop out the holes, pop it in and within ten minutes add more logs. The perfect fire without the fuss! #dikgeurts

The Hot Box Firestarter

Let us demonstrate how Hot Box ® Firestarter eliminates the need for kindling, chemicals or any other type of firelighter. Blowing on the wood to try and get a spark, leaving the door ajar in the hope that something will happen are all things of the past. Our patented firelighter creates the perfect fire without having to engage a boy scout, or become one yourself!

The early concept

Like most products, developing Hot Box ® Firestarter has taken a little bit of trial and error. Over the course of our journey we have amended the nature of the packaging, what goes on side the box and the type of components used. Further, making it all work together has been trickier than we imagined. However we are now ‘oven ready’.#stackstoves

The Top Down Method

Used by many, the top down method of lighting a fire places larger fuel underneath the kindling and firelighters on top, when using the traditional components for firelighting. Hot Box ® Firestarter easily packs enough heat to light even the chunkiest of lumber below it. Pop some logs on the fire bed, place our patented firelighter on top and leave it alone! #stuv