How to Light a fire pit | Hot Box ® Firestarter

how to light a fire pit

How to light a fire pit | Hot Box ® Firestarter will show you the way…

how to light a fire pit

How to light a fire pit can sometimes cause a bit of a debate.

At Hot Box, we like things that are clean and simple.

Further, we don’t like messing around with kindling, fire lighters logs, etc.

Like every fire lighting process, there are several schools of thought when it comes to how to light a fire pit.

One persons method will differ from another, someone will have told you one wy which didn’t work, you know how it goes.

However, we are here to advise you properly. from our point of view there is only one way.

It is the easiest way, the fastest way and the cleanest way.

Ok, so like everything these days, there are loads of videos and tutorials on the web to dhow you how to light a fire pit.

The video below, courtesy of Certainly Wood is one such example.

It shows a chap with kindling, firelighters and logs.

And although he is doing it right, it seems to us that there is simply too much involved?

Why not see for yourself and then compare it with our way?

How to light a fire pit | Certainly Wood or Certainly Wood Not?

Ok, so now that you have spent 2:08 of your life listening to a chap plug some products why not take a look at our method.

Further, we have managed to condense it into 46 seconds, more time to enjoy a glass of something around the fire pit is our thinking?

How to light a fire pit | Use Hot Box ® Firestarter

How to light your firepit | Conclusions

Well that was quick..

There really is little point in us going on about how to light your fire pit much further.

The answer, as outlined by the videos is clear right?

  1. Get some Hot Box ® Firestarters,
  2. Get some logs, stack them around said fire starter.
  3. Smoke it! safely using a match or lighter…

The perfect fire pit fire in no time at all, think Hot Box ® Firestarter…

In the alternative…

  1. Get several boxes of stuff and cart it to your patio area, have a rest!
  2. Remove all that packaging and fill up a skip, perhaps another rest may be in order…
  3. Fiddle around with some sticks and play a game of Jenga ®
  4. Open yet another box and get out some was soaked wood shavings, perhaps sniff them so that you know that they smell of wax and wood shavings?
  5. Light the wax drenched wood shaving lighter thingy.
  6. Open a bag of kiln dried logs, carefully stack them around avoiding setting fire to your shirt or singeing the hair on your arms.

You see where we are going right? Its all about ease, and Hot Box ® Firestarter provides that ease when it comes to lighting a fire pit.

how to light your fire pit

Hot Box ® Firestarter | From Yorkshire with ❤️

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