How to light a fire | Top tips for the avid Fire-starter

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Top tips for lighting a fire | How to light a fire

Top tips for lighting a fire, Hot Box provide some valuable insight.

How to light a fire can still be considered a mystery to some.

During the course of this article we will provide insight into the best products for fire lighting.

Further, we will consider and compare products designed specifically for lighting fires. Hot Box ® Firestarter will be compared to other products and our findings outlined.

Moreover, we will offer some top tips relating to the the best wood for woodturners and why burning the right fuel is so important to the future of wood fired heating solutions.

The History of Firelighting | Neanderthal Man

There is evidence to suggest fire lighting methods were being used 50,000 years ago during the Middle Palaeolithic age. 

Interestingly, Neanderthal man used axes to strike against mineral pyrite to create sparks. Further, the same evidence suggest the use of certain Fungi as tinder in the fire lighting processes of our ancestors.

Interestingly. the discovery of a well preserved natural mummy called Otzi, found in the Otzial Alps, Austrian and Italian Border, suggests materials for firelighting were always carried.

Such materials included tinder fungus, flint and pyrite for the creation of sparks.

Such discoveries serve to highlight the relationship between fire and the evolution of man.

Arguably therefore, it is crucial that the process of lighting fires continues to evolve alongside mans continued need for warmth.

Is Hot Box ® Firestarter at the forefront of this evolution?

Lighting a fire | The best way to light a fire

Interestingly, the most common types of fuel, or tinder, have a point at which they auto ignite.

For instance, if you are using wood this temperature is between 300-482 degrees Celsius.

There are various schools of thought when it comes to lighting fires.

Importantly however, the key to successful fire making is to first form a stable base which will create a high degree of heat.

Thereafter, build the fire using smaller fuels so that the flames and heat can intensify.

However, the key to producing heat when lighting a fire is to ensure that all of your component parts are dry.

The Fire triangle offers a basic insight into firelighting.

lighting a fire

  • Obtain small pieces of kindling or timber.
  • Stack the kindling or tinder in a way which promotes airflow.
  • Incorporate an accelerant or firefighter, hexamine based or even wood wool firelighters.
  • Allow air into the appliance, whether a stove, open fire or fire pit.
  • Allow the flames to intensify before adding further fuel.

Other considerations look at variations upon themes. For instance, the top down method.

The video below depicts how Hot Box ® Firestarter works for the ‘top down method’ of firelighting.

Further, you might want to consider other methods such as the Teepee, a popular choice for camp fires and fire pits.

However, in our opinion all of these methods, and other variations upon the same theme, are fussy, time consuming and require a number of key components.

Check out how to light a fire pit using Hot Box ® Firestarter by stacking logs around our ingenious little box.

Further, our firelighter is perfect for use in wood stoves and makes lighting them so simple…

The video below depicts how Hot Box ® Firestarter can be used to light any wood burning stove in a matter off minutes.

Common types of firelighter | What fire lighter to buy

natural fire lighters

Perhaps surprisingly the UK market for firelighters and fire-lighter products is worth an estimated £100 million per annum.

Mostly, revenues are generated from the sale of the most common types of firelighter.

However, some innovation has taken place in recent years but this, until Hot Box ® Firestarter, is simply variation upon a theme.

Below, we have outlined a few of the most common types of firelighters available from your average high street store.

Moreover, we have aimed to offer a brief insight into each product and the companies who manufacture them.

Popular fire lighters | Firelighter brands

  • High performance block firelighters | Commonly containing hexane or kerosene such fire lighters can be smelly and may be unsafe in home environments. Zip is a popular brand for this sort of fire-lighter.
  • Natural firelighters | Usually it is necessary to use 2-3 of these on most fires, such fire lighting products are made from sawdust and wax. They are natural but can be difficult to get going initially. Zip offer such products as do an array of smaller producers.
  • Wrapped sachets | Again, such products tend to be kerosene based and reliant on petrochemicals in their manufacture. Tiger Tim seemingly lead the charge with such products, offering an array of brands specialising in their manufacture.
  • Wood wool | A relatively new player on the fire lighter scene, wood wool firelighters are user friendly and contain a mixture of wood wool and paraffin wax. Again Tiger Tim offer a range of wood wool firelighters across their range.
  • Firelogs | usually formed using compressed sawdust and wax, such products are often unsuitable for use on stoves and hot grate appliances. They burn for a long time but may net create much heat.
  • Hot Box ® Firestarter | A unique patented product which replaces the need for all of the above and has the added benefit of also eliminating the need for kindling. Moreover, Hot Box can offer a flexible subscription to their product and quality wood fuel also. 

So which is fire lighter best?

Having used pretty much every type of firefighter going and tested them versus our own product, we would opt for Hot Box ® Firestarter every time.

The unique design and fact that you do not need kindling, only logs, after you have lit it makes it by far the most convenient firelighting product.

Ok, so we may be biased but, the facts speak for themselves.

Our product eliminates kindling, lights faster, burns hotter and more cleanly than any other product on the market designed for lighting fires.

Moreover, Hot Box Firestarter is clean, 100% natural and made in Yorkshire.

Don’t just take our word for it, Get yours now and give it a try…

How to light a fire | How is Firestarter sold | Pack sizes

User convenience is at the forefront of our product, packaging and distribution have been well considered.

8 Pack | a 200mm cube containing 8 fire starters, enough for a weeks burning and a BBQ.

27 Pack | a 300mm cube, enough for a month, you can have a few nights off, only one in February.

Convenience and fire lighting | Fire without failure

Lighting a fire can be time consuming and requires planning, preparation and space to store vital components.

The popularity of real fire in our homes over the last decade has sparked the need for less time consuming fire lighting solutions.

Convenience, when it comes to firelighters is key for many. So, what is the best and most convenient way to light a fire?

Have Hot Box ® Found the Solution?

With over a decade supplying and installing wood burning stoves, supplying wood fuel and common types of firefighter we decided to innovate.

In the absence of any real advances in the technology used for lighting a real fire, we got our thinking caps on.

Hot Box ® Firestarter offers a convenient, fail-safe solution to lighting the perfect fire.

Our product takes the key components needed to build a fire and puts them in a handy, easy to use package that you simply set on fire.

Within minutes, our patented firelighter will generate enough heat for users to add more fuel, logs or briquettes.

Further, Hot Box ® Firestarter houses the key components for firelighting into a compact, clean easy to store package. The benefits of our fire-lighter are clear:

  • Consistent | Hot Box ® Firestarter combines standard components.
  • Convenient | No need for other component parts, no firelighters, no kindling.
  • Pre formed | Our patented stack is the perfect fire in a box.
  • Easy to use | the perfect fire every time with one click of a lighter or strike of a match.
  • Cost effective | cheaper than buying firelighters and kindling via Amazon…

Firelighters and kindling vs Hot Box ® Firestarter

Wood Wool Fire-lighters and kindling | Popular online shop

Lets do the maths:

If we consider lighting 8 fires:

Approx 120 sticks of kindling from Amazon £9.99

50 Firelighters, also from Amazon £5.99

Total £15.98 | £1.59/ fire lighting experience 

Further, if you consider time spent and the value of this the real costs are much higher…

Hot Box Firestarter | The Ultimate Firelighter

Pack of 8 firestarters £12.00 or £1.50/ fire lighting experience.

Ok, so there may be delivery charges when bought online but the savings are clear at circa £3.98 over 8 fires.

Moreover, when using Hot Box ® Firestarter it should not take more than 20 seconds to light your fire so the time saving is even greater.

How to light a fire using Hot Box ® Firestarter

Pictures are easier than words…

how to light a fire


Hot Box Firestarter | How to light a fire…

How to light a fire has, in our opinion, now been solved. Hot Box Firestarter offers an all encompassing solution to lighting fires in a whole range of appliances.

Further, the elimination of kindling and firelighters as component parts only adds to the convenience factor.

Below, we have produced a short video depicting one of our prototype products in a wood burner.

As you can see, the benefits of fire lighting, when using Hot Box Firestarter, are clear.

Fire without failure | Flammable simplicity cubed | Form Yorkshire with Love

Videos, arguably, are even easier than pictures, check ours out…







Hot Box ® Firestarter | How to Light a Fire | A Short Video

How to light an inset stove | Hot Box ® Firestarter

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