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How to light a wood fired pizza oven?

The Hot Box ® Firestarter is the answer. Our patented fire lighter makes lighting a pizza oven easy. 

Simply pop out the chimney and one of the holes at the base, place in your pizza oven and light the base. 

You can even stack some logs around it for the ultimate in firelighting convenience. 

Get your pizza ready whilst Hot Box ® Firestarter gets your pizza oven up to temperature quickly. 

No fuss, no kindling, no firelighters, no failure, just add logs. 

Easy and convenient

We have already built the perfect fire and put it in a little box. 

Hot Box ® Firestarter makes lighting a pizza oven as easy as making a cup of tea, Yorkshire of course. 

Our patented firelighter creates more heat, more quickly than any other fire lighter on the market. 

Don’t just take our word for it, order a couple to get your eye in. 

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It works on any…

Lighting a wood fires pizza oven will never be the same again. Hot Box ® Firestarter takes the hassle to of building and lighting a fire. 

Further our patented fire in a box can be used to light just about anything. From BBQ’s, wood burners, Pizza ovens, fire pits, chimneys and more. 

Further, our product is available for delivery across the UK and will soo be available all over the world. 

Hot Box ® Firestarter | From Yorkshire with ❤️

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This product works on any wood burning device without fail each and every time

Pizza ovens work best at optimum temperatures around 500 degrees.

Within minutes your logs will be a blaze and the temperature rising.


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Degrees Temperature


Easy to use firelighter

We made it for you…

Our focus is to provide the most convenient solution for lighting a fire in a range of appliances. 

Our patented firelighter embodies the basic principals of firelighting and packet them into a handy little cube. 

Our fire starter eradicates the need for kindling and chemical based fire lighters. 

Further, our product is complete natural, chemical free and generates more heat more quickly than any other fire lighting product available. 

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