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How to light a wood burning stove | Hot Box ® Firestarter

There are various ways to light a wood burning stove, many of which have been documented by enthusiastic individuals who have produced YouTube Videos on the subject.

During the course of such videos they tend to strenuously outline why their method is the best and why they are the authority on lighting a wood burner.

However, despite their, sometimes boastful claims, nobody has come up with a way of packaging, apart from on YouTube, the best way to light a fire, until now…

The challenge was to take the key components for fire building, put them in a carton, and make sure they stay in one place during transit, sale and are always ready for use without using glue, nails or anything that could be of detriment to your wood burner.

Hot Box ® Firestarter is the only patented firelighter on the market which allows a user to quickly build the perfect fire and then just add logs.

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at a few of our reviews or check out a video or two!

The Top down method using Hot Box ® Firestarter | Lighting a fire will never be the same again.

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Lighting a Fire

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How the Hot Box Firestarter was created

Firelighters reimagined

Firelighting has been one of the mainstays of our civilisation for over 50,000 years.

The warmth, as created by fire, is a physiological need.

Over the centuries, the processes by which man makes fire have evolved. Hot Box ® Firestarter is a part of this evolution.

In a world where convenience is king, yet the basic need for the warmth that only fire brings prevails, our little natural firelighter is right on trend.

Our patented combination of all natural components, inventively stacked inside a combustible carton, take the effort away from lighting a fire, especially in a wood burning stove. 

By packaging the best way to light a fire in a handy box, providing enough of them for a week or a month inside a further box, and making them available online, we have created the most convenient natural firelighter ever.

Let us explain…Hot Box ® Firestarter will light logs without using kindling, paper or other firelighting products.It takes less than 20 seconds to prepare the firestarter for use and light it.

Further, In around 5 minutes, when used in a wood stove, you will have a fire that is hot enough to start adding further fuel.

This is a claim that only our Fire-lighter can make.

Moreover, the initial burn phases are crucial when it comes to reducing air pollution.

By generating more heat faster, and standardising the way in which we light our fires, the level of harmful emissions produced during the initial combustion phases will be significantly reduced.

Without question, when it comes to lighting your wood stove, Hot Box ® Firestarter is the most effective and convenient means of doing so.

Our handy pack sizes

Convenience Packs

Let us consider the price. The two pack of natural firelighters comprises enough for a weekend break, perfect for a stay in a holiday cottage with a wood burner for example. However, due to postage, the price point gets a little hefty, is there a price on convenience however?

Our 8 pack of natural firelighters, enough for a week plus a BBQ, offers superb value when compared against the equivalent amount of kindling and firelighters required to light a wood burner. 

Moreover, our 27 pack of firelighters provides enough for month and offers superb value overall. In fact, our 27 pack of kindling replacement firelighters has proved to be is our best seller.



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