How to use Hot Box ® Firestarter  | As convenient as a tin of beans!

How to use Hot Box Firestarter, getting the best results from our product is important for the user and the environment.

This guide will help you create the perfect fire in an instant.

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Hot Box ® Firestarter offer the perfect solution for lighting any fire quickly and easily.

Our unique firelighters can be used in wood burning stoves, wood fired pizza ovens, fire pits and more.

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This article aims to outline how to get the most out of our patented fire-lighter.

By stacking logs around it from the start, you can maximise the convenience factor of our firelighters.

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How to use Hot Box ® Firestarter

How to use Hot Box firestarter and get the best results every time.

Our natural firelighter has been designed to take the hassle out of lighting a fire.

Further, we have developed a method that provides consistent results every time.

However, there are a few handy tricks that you should know about.

Our patented firelighter is all about convenience.

Our natural fire lighter has been designed to create the perfect fire every time without fail.

Wood stoves and fireplaces form an important part of our homes.

However, preparing kindling and managing the process of lighting your fire every night can be laborious.

Further, no matter how well versed we are in lighting a fire, failure can often occur.

A failed fire is a waste of time and fuel and creates unnecessary emissions.

Our natural firelighter completely eliminates failure and saves preparation time.

Simply put, all you need is to use our fire starter and add logs or briquettes for the perfect fire every time.

How best to use your Hot Box ®

When we designed our firelighter, we wanted to provide a solution that was quick, clean and easy to use,

Further, we wanted to eliminate failure and offer a solution that worked consistently every time it was used,.

Fire is a basic principal, it requires heat, fuel and oxygen to be effective.

However, it is not always the case that a combination of these three elements results in an effective fire.

How these elements are combined is of paramount importance.

Heat, an element to generate heat is key to initial combustion.

Fuel, a stack of dry tinder or fuel elements is next in line.

Oxygen, a free. flow of air around each fuel element will result in an effective fire when all elements are combined.

Thereafter, larger fuel elements can be added to build a sustainable fire.

In the alternative, you can combine Hot Box ® and larger fuel. elements at the start for the ultimate in convenient firelighting.

The short videos and images below aim to set out how to get the most out of Hot Box ® Firestarter and create the perfect fire every time.

Moreover, emissions will be reduced and you will generate more heat into your home more quickly versus alternative methods.

More heat will lead to a cleaner fire.

Hot Box has been designed to generate significant heat. Our unique firelighters reaches circa 700 centigrade inside a wood stove.

The auto ignition temperature of wood fuel, with an appropriate moisture content less than 20% is circa 250 centigrade, species of wood may provide variables.

Based upon the use of our firelighters, you will be able to generate enough heat within a wood burning stove to facilitate auto ignition.

However, to create the perfect fire using Hot Box, we recommend stacking logs around the firestarter when you start your lighting process.

Thereafter, you can simply leave our firelighters to get to work and after around 8 minutes you will have achieved a fire with significant flames.

The following video shows this process in time lapse.

How to use Hot Box ®

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