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Across the wood burning stove industry the emphasis on fuel and environment is in constant focus. With companies like Woodsure and the SIA working hard to curb emissions, we thought we would try and help and created Hot Box Firestarter. By creating more heat, more quickly than any other firelighter, our product will help reduce emissions created during the initial combustion phases.

The Hot Box Firestarter

Firelighters without the need for kindling

Hot Box ® Firestarter is the easiest way to start any fire. We have taken the basic principals of fire building and packaged it into a handy cube. 

There is no need for kindling when using our unique, natural firelighter. 

Simply open the air vent at the base of the box and pop out the chimney hole, light and forget. 

For decades, we have all needed kindling and firelighters of varying types to light our home fires. 

However, Hot Box now provide a solution which encompasses heat, oxygen and fuel in a handy cube. 

As we develop our business model and our product evolves, we how to become the go to firelighter for numerous households across the world. 

Our natural fire-lighter has been curated with care. We have avoided the use of chemical products, pins, glue etc and even use paper tape too close our boxes. 

Further, our firelighters are suitable for a range of appliances from woodburning stoves to wood fired pizza ovens, BBQ’s and pretty much any application where you would previously have had to use firelighters and kindling

Taking the next step

Something as simple as lighting a fire can be quite a task for many. Having installed thousands of wood burning stoves it’s the most common stumbling block ‘ how do we light it?’

With this at the forefront of our mind and the environmental impact of chemical firelighters, wasted kindling, paper and time, the Hot Box ® Firestarter was created.

Our vision


In house production using locally sourced components we are pleased to provide a truly British Made Fire Lighter.

Hot Box maintain stringent standards through centralised manufacture, simply put, we already operate in Yorkshire, so we are making our firelighter in Yorkshire.  Our route to market is simple with easy no fuss subscriptions or one off purchases both online and in store.

Hot Box ® Firestarter | From Yorkshire with ❤️

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Put firestarter in your store.

We are always looking for new ways to get our fire lighter into more homes and used on a daily or weekly basis. If you are looking for the next convenience product that would compliment your current ranges, why not give the Hot Box ® Firestarter a try?

We can offer retailer packages to suit your store and deliver them quickly to ensure you never run out of stock.

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Intellectual Property

To date, we have obtained the following intellectual property with regard to our fire lighter. Having achieved granted patents in the UK, we have now set our sights on achieving the same around the world. The need to light a fire is not restricted by international boundaries and we hope to develop Hot box ® Firestarter into a recognised global brand.


We have achieved the following granted patents in the UK and have several International applications undergoing examination.

  • UK Patent No. GB 2575139 B
  • UK Patent Application No. GB 2011402.1
  • European Patent Application No. 19705789.6
  • Canadian Patent Application No. 3,103,063
  • Japanese Patent Application No. 2020-569135
  • US Patent Application No. 17/253,377

Design Rights

Our design rights are in force across the UK and the EU and relate to the appearance of our product.

  • EU Registered Design Nos. 005525037-0001 & 005525037-0002
  • UK Registered Design Nos. 90055250370001 & 90055250370002

Trade Marks UK

Hot Box ® is a registered trade mark. Our distinctive name, logo and flame icon are consistent across our product range and they form our brand.

  • UK Registered Trade Mark No. UK00003328449
  • UK Registered Trade Mark No. UK00002535807
  • UK Registered Trade Mark No. UK00003328453

Our thinking

By eliminating the stages needed to create the perfect fire and bundling them into a single process, combustible with ‘one click’ of a lighter or ‘one strike’ of a match, we solve a problem. The Hot Box ® Firestarter was designed to allow any user to quickly and easily start a fire with a single, pre-assembled array of components and to allow further fuel to be added thereafter.

Fire without kindling

Hot Box ® Firestarter eradicates the need for kindling when lighting a fire in a range of appliances.

Our product replaces both kindling and firelighters and eliminates user discrepancy or error when building a fire.

Further, our unique design creates more heat, more quickly than any other natural firelighting product.

As a result, the emissions produced during the initial combustion phase will be significantly reduced.

More heat = Less emissions = A cleaner fire



At Hot Box, we are passionate about the environment. We see wood and wood burners as a carbon neutral solution to heating our homes. Further, throughout the course of our business we have contributed to tree planting initiatives and introduced a total of 400 trees to our site near York.

As we grow, we pledge to continue this process and are always on the look out for other opportunities to plant trees to replace those used by our products and clients.

Further, we have worked hard to ensure that all of our packaging is made from recycled and recyclable card. Moreover, we aim to avoid the use of plastic in all of our packaging, Even the tape used to close our outer cartons is made from paper.

In addition, our fire lighter, Hot Box ® Firestarter is manufactured using products from waste streams.

Our production facility is already part of our daily business, by operating multiple enterprises from a single premises we aim to reduce our carbon footprint.

Further, by partnering with multi drop distribution channels we can ensure that the number of miles our products travel from manufacture to customer are minimised.

Hot Box ® Firestarter | From Yorkshire with ♥️


Hot Box Stoves wood burning stove installation and suppliers were established.


The Hot Box Firestarter was taken from a vision to reality. Prototypes and design ideas begin to be put into action for proof of concept.


The final version of the Hot Box Firestarter is approved and patented design accepted. Production of the revolutionary Fire starter begins with distribution to the UK market.