How to light a fire pit

Lighting a fire pit can often present a challenge, especially when out in the open. Hot Box ® Firestarter is the best way to light a fire pit without failure.

By enclosing all of the elements required to create optimum combustion inside our patented cube, Hot Box ® Firestarter creates the perfect fire every time without fail.

Forget about kindling, sticks, small pieces of wood and firelighters, simply pop out the chimney hole and one of the openings at the base, light with an ordinary match or lighter and get ready to watch the flames.

Alternatively, as shown by the video, stack some logs around our fire lighter, leave an opening at the bottom so you can light it and you will have the perfect garden fire in around ten minutes.

Why not grab a two pack which offers the perfect fire lighting companion for a weekends camping. Alternatively our 8 pack will keep you going for a week whilst our twenty seven pack is enough for a month of al fresco adventure, 

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Light a fire pit without kindling…

Using a Hot Box ® Firestarter eliminates the need for kindling or firelighters. Our handy little box at only 100mm cubed is the perfect solution for lighting fire pits and camp fires.

Light any fire without fail

By eliminating inconstancies in terms of lighting methods and fuel, our product will create the perfect fire every time without fail irrespective of where it is used.

Our patented all natural firefighter is made from recycled products. Further, there is no waste as all of the elements will become part of the fire.

Hot Box ® Firestarter | From Yorkshire with ❤️

Multiple use cases

Hot Box ® Firestarter is not only the ideal way to light your fire pit. Our convenient pack sizes are great to take with you to a glamping site or holiday cottage.

Our patented fire starter is capable of lighting a camp fire, wood fired hot tub, or BBQ too.

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Hot Box Firestarter is available in a range of pack sizes from 2 – 27

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