Why choose Hot Box ® Firestarter?

Lighting a fire can sometimes be a fiddly and time consuming process.

Convenience is something which most of us strive to obtain.

Although the process of fire lighting may be something we enjoy, it is not always convenient.

Having all the relevant component parts too hand can sometimes be a problem.

Whether you use kindling and firelighters or a mixture of tinder and paper, there is a process involved to create the perfect fire.

Building a fire often starts with a stack of pre cut kindling sticks neatly arranged on a fire bed or grate.

Alternatively you may choose to cut your own kindling or timber from larger logs.

Thereafter, you may choose to light them from the top down or at the bottom using a firelighter, natural or otherwise.

However, this technique is not always guaranteed and failure may occur.

Further, the process often takes time and patience and requires a stock of component parts.

Lighting a fire

However, Hot Box ® Firestarter is the perfect fire lighting solution, nearly arranged inside a handy cube.

Our process is a simple affair, with only three steps to the perfect fire.

By eradicating the need for components such as firelighters and kindling, our patented fire lighters are ultimately convenient.

Let us explain a little bit more…

Fire without fuss or failure

3 step firelighter

how to light a fire


Pop out the chimney and one of the air holes at the base.

the best way to light a fire


Place on the bed and light with a lighter or match. Add logs if you want.

lighting a fire without kindling or firelighters


Leave for around 5 minutes and wait for the perfect fire to take hold.

Our unique and completely natural firelighter provides a simple three step process to create the perfect fire in a range of appliances.

Our firelighters are superb for use in wood burning stoves, this is where they are most commonly used,

however, the components inside our fire lighter are also ideal for use on BBQ’s pizza ovens and great for fire pits.

By eradicating the need for kindling, you can simply add logs to your fire meaning that you no linger need to store, chop or arrange fiddly pieces of tinder to get your fire started.

Further, because the results are the same each time, less emissions are created during the initial combustion phase.

Want to see just how convenient our firelighter is?

Lighting a fire in a wood burning stove

I have been using wood burners for a number of years. Although I did not struggle to light a fire using traditional methods such as kindling, firelighters, paper etc, I often found d the process time consuming. With Hot Box, I can simply add the box and logs at the same time, walk away and I know that I will have the perfect fire when I come back. 

I am a busy Mum but I use my wood stove during winter to keep my living space warm. `Having Hot Box allows me to easily light a fire each evening without having to store buckets of kindling and separate firelighters. The fire is already built for me and all I need to do is add some logs to get my stove going. 

The delivery costs are maybe a little steep but the price of the product is comparable to buying kindling and firelighters separately. However, the time saved lighting my multi fuel burner makes buying these instead a no brainer. 

No, the ease of lighting my wood stove using Hot Box would make it really hard for me to switch back to buying separate kindling, firelighters and having to spend time arranging them in my fire. 

I originally bought an 8 pack but the 27 pack offers better value and it means that I don’t have to think about how rot light my fire for a while. The only downside is the size of the pack but it does still fit easily into my kitchen cupboard.