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natural firelighter and kindling

Natural Firelighter | What are the options?

natural firelighter

The term natural firelighter outlines a number of different products.

Recently, consumers have been reaching for more holistic and convenient ways to light their wood burning appliances.

Owing to the popularity of wood burning stoves, the market for good quality firelighters, kindling and wood fuel has grown significantly.

Further, the natural firelighter market is an area which is currently developing.

The reasons for this are both as above and also due to the popularity of wood fired cooking appliances.

Outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, wood fired pizza ovens all contribute to the natural firelighter demand.

What makes a fire lighter natural?

lighting a fire without kindling

Traditionally, firelighters were made from hexamine based blocks to create fuel tablets.

Hexamine is prepared by the reaction of formaldehyde and ammonia and can, if ingested, be toxic.

Natural firestarters are different in that they comprise no chemical substances or compounds.

Moreover, they are non toxic and have little or no odour.

Examples of Natural Fire lighters

As with most fast moving consumer goods, choices are abundant but is it variation upon a theme?

However, not all of them are totally fit for purpose.

The list below outlines the best examples of natural firelighters and depicts a few of their benefits.

  1. Hot Box Firestarter | A new player in the firelighter arena. However, this unit is totally natural and replaces the need to use kindling. Moreover, this uint gets super hot and will ignite even oak and other hardwood logs with ease. Further, the burn time on these units is around 17 minutes. They are ideal for lighting fires in stoves, fire pits and pizza ovens without kindling.
  2. Wood wool | Finely planed wood strands soaked in wax, either paraffin or bees. You will still need kindling to build up a fire before being able to add larger logs. However, they do burn with ferocity but will subside quickly as a result.
  3. Sawdust blocks | Usually soaked in vegetable oil and can be difficult to ignite initially. Further, they do not burn with a great deal of ferocity. Moreover, their burn time tends to be limited by their size and may not, unless using multiple, be sufficient to ignite larger logs without kindling.

There are limitations in terms of product type but each major manufacturer has boarded the bandwagon.

However, Hot Box ® Firestarter is a firelighter with a difference as it eliminates actually building a fire.

Where can I buy natural fire lighters?

Buying a natural firelighter is relatively easy.

Online offerings are plentiful from sites such as Amazon or Ebay. 

Further, major retailers such as Tesco, Aldi and Sainsbury’s will also carry stock.

However, it is often nice to get a product that is a little more exclusive and perhaps not on the highstreet.

Hot Box ® Firestarter offers this. The product is a natural firelighter with a difference. By far, the easiest way to light a fire and then just add logs, buy online. 

See them working | Natural fire lighter

The video below depicts and example of Hot Box ® Firestarter in a wood stove.

Lighting a fire without kindling has never been so easy.

Natural Fire lighter | What are the benefits

There are various benefits of using a natural fire lighter versus alternatives.

A natural fire lighter is ideal for use when lighting. fire for cooking food.

The lack of chemical components means that your food will not be tainted but the chemicals continued in a regular fire lighter for instance.

Usually, natural fire lighters are made from waste wood or wood products.

Often a binding agent such as wax or vegetable is used under compression.

Further, by choosing a natural fire lighter over a chemical based product, you are helping reduce emissions.

Not only in the manufacture of chemicals an environmentally erroneous subject, the emissions created when burnt are arguably detrimental too.

By choosing a natural fire lighter such as Hot Box ® Firestarter you are taking a step towards reducing emissions overall.

Hot box ® Firestarter does not use any chemicals in its manufacture.

Moreover, even the glue used for our boxes is a natural element.

Read more here…

As you can see, choosing a natural fire lighter such as Hot Box ® Firestarter does not detract from how effective it is when it comes to lighting you fire.

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