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The complete natural firelighter.

Take the fuss out of lighting any fire in a range of appliances with our patented 100% natural firelighter.

All you need is one Hot Box ® to create the perfect fire every time without fail.

Stacking kindling and using other fire lighters is a thing of the past.

No mess, no fuss, just perfect results every time.

Simply pop out the air holes at the base, pop out the chimney and light.

Choose to stack logs around our fire starter and let it get to work.

The way in which you light your fire will never be the same again.

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£5.00 inc.VAT

Build the perfect fire in no time at all with Hot Box ® Firestarter


Open your box and pluck out one of our patented firelighters. 


Pop out the chimney and one of the air holes at the base as directed on the pack. Light at the base using a match or lighter. 


Add logs, briquettes or other wood fuel and enjoy the perfect fire every time without fail. 

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