Strip of wood for lighting a fire

how to light a fire without kindiling

Lighting a fire | Kindling or strips of wood?

Using a strip of wood for lighting a fire is a tried and test method.

However, lighting a strip of wood on its own can be challenging. Further, you will usually need multiple pieces of wood or kindling.

In addition, you will need to introduce an ignition element to get the wood going.

Often traditional firelighters are used to light wood strips or kindling.

Moreover, arranging strips of wood or kindling can be time consuming and requires a technique.

Let’s face it, lighting a fire in this fashion is not for everyone and some really struggle.

At Hot Box, we understand the need for fire, but have also identified the need for convenience.

In the early days of our business lighting the perfect fire is something that escaped many of our clients.

Often, this meant to frustration with some of our products and required a demonstration from us.

As such, we got thinking, how can we solve this problem?

Time and time again we demonstrated our stoves and how to light them in a particular way.

A stack of timber or kindling, a reliable ignition element and plenty of air to complete the fire triangle 

Some time later, and after much trial and error on our part, we found a way to package it.

Hot Box ® Firestarter was born and provides the ultimate solution to lighting a fire. 🔥

Forget a strip of wood for lighting a fire.

Put one of these in your stove and smoke it. 🪵

strips of wood for lighting a fire

Kindling wood | Whats in the box?

You would be within your rights to think that patenting a process by which to light a fire is a silly thing to do.

However, there were a number of challenges that faced us when we conceived Hot Box ® Firestarter.

Firstly, we had to curate the perfect stack to allow airflow.

Secondly we had to size our kindling to create enough heat to light most fires.

Then, we had to figure a way of combining an ignition element which was suspended in the stack.

Thereafter, we had to keep it all together without pins, screws or glue.

The challenge was set, our first prototypes failed, anyone can put strips of wood in a box and get them to set alight right?

Wrong, making a fire in this way is actually extremely challenging.

Therefore, we now have two UK patents and several international patents pending. 

Hot box ® Firestarter | How do you light yours?

In short, a strip of wood for lighting a fire is no longer required.

Our product replaces the the need for kindling and other ignition elements such as a fire lighter.

Hot Box ® Firestarter is the easiest and most convenient way to light any fire.

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