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how do I prepare my wood stove for winter

How to light a fire?

The art of, kindling a fire difficult for some and impossible for many!

Those of us who have tried in vein to light a fire know the difficulty it can present. It’s not about luck, it is about having the right components for the job…

The Ignition…

No matter how you build your fire, you will always need some form of ignition component whether that’s a chemical based option like a kerosene sachet or cube, or the more natural approach like woodwool or compressed card.

Further, after you have decided on your igniter you will then need something to ignite. Often,  a bunch of screwed up newspaper or magazine cuttings or layers of kiln dried kindling. Importantly, each need to be carefully placed to ensure the best results.

What else might I need?

To get to this stage your looking at then needing a couple of larger logs to create heat and something that resembles a fire. So, you have your pieces of kindling, firelighters or newspaper and your matches your all set!

Top down method or from the bottom?

You don’t need a PHD to light a fire. 

Importantly, once you have ensured that all your air vents are open and have started to layer up your kindling. Remember, air is an important element to creating fire you try and space your kindling evenly.
Thereafter, simply place a couple of your chosen firelighters on top or within your layers (some even add newspaper too!) and your ready to light it!
Further, grab your matches or long reach lighter and click.
Furthermore,  you will need to close the door slightly and ensure your chimney draught is sufficient to get the fire going.
Sound like a lot of fuss? Is it time to try Hot Box ® Firestarter?

 From Yorkshire with Love ❤️ 

The Hot Box ® Firestarter, a revolution in fire lighting. Forget messing around with bits of kindling, firelighters, newspaper or your old slippers.

This is the way to light a fire in 2021. Gone are the days of carefully spacing kindling or choosing the right firelighter ensuring you always have enough in to get the fire going.

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It’s this simple. Really it is…

The Perfect Fire Everytime

Convenience packs save space and money.

The Hot Box ® Firestarter is available in a range of ideal pack sizes the 8 pack perfect for a weeks fire lighting or the 27 pack to see you through a month.

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8 Individual Fire Lighters - Hot Box Firestarter

Curious how we do it?

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