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the best way to light a fire

We explore the best way to light a fire…

The future of firelighting, hot box firestarterthe best way to light a firethe best way to light a fire.

The best way to light a fire is one of our most frequently asked questions. This is closely followed by advice on the best fuels to burn.

As the popularity of heating our homes using wood continues to grow, so does the demand for fuel.

In addition, this demand for wood and suitable wood fuel creates a demand for firelighters.

Further, with this demand comes a need for increased convenience when it comes to lighting a fire.

Further, pressure is being applied, and correctly so, for the wood burning industry to reduce harmful emissions caused by burning wood fuel.

Organisations such as HETAS, Wood Sure and The Stove industry Alliance, SIA, are all looking and ways to make wood fuel cleaner.

In the interest of a cleaner burn, let’s examine their initiatives.

HETAS | Ready to Burn

In brief, wood that is considered ‘Ready to burn’ will have to be certified for immediate use. Ultimately, the initiative aims to promote the use of wood fuel with a moisture content of less than 20%.

Thereafter, and by default, emissions from wood stoves will be greatly reduced and air quality will improve.

Backed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFTRA) the new legislation will come into force from may 2021.

Further, the scheme aims to support The Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuels Standards)  (England) Regulaitons 2020. 

Importantly, the new legislation will bane the sale of the most polluting fuels, namely house coal and wet wood

Wood fuel, offered for sale by suppliers, will be certified by Wood Sure, the details of which can be found below.

Hot Box Firestarter - How To light a Fire (1)

Wood Sure

A not for profit organisation who’s sole focus is to improve the quality of wood fuel across the UK.

Woodsure certified retailers of wood fuels are being stringently vetted and must meet particular standards. 

Let’s hope for an end to soggy logs flogged by petrol stations and a cleaner future featuring only quality wood fuel.


The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) provides focus on the Clean Air Strategy from 14.01.2019

Ultimately, the SIA wants stove manufacturers to clean up their act and by 2022 all stoves sold in the UK must be certified and considered Eco Design Ready.

Interestingly, all three of the above organisations are non profit, and all are intrinsically linked.

The drive to promote the use of wood as a clean fuel is a hot topic which has opened much debate.

As usual, much of this has been brought about by sensationalist newspaper articles.

Moreover, many papers, and tabloids, have simply jumped the gun and said that wood burners will be banned.

Through collaboration, legislation and forward thinking, HETAS, Wood Sure and SIA will ensure that this is not the case.

Can a firelighter help clean up wood burning?

To burn cleanly, a fire needs to be hot.

The faster heat can be produced, the cleaner the fire will be.

Interestingly, most smoke and particulates are produced, when burning wood, during the first 20 minutes of combustion.

Moreover, anomalies in lighting methods could cause the creation of unnecessary pollution from wood burning appliances.

By eliminating such anomalies, particulates and pollution could be greatly reduced.

Hot Box ® Firestarter arguably provides the best and most consistent way to light any wood fuel based fire.

Our patented firelighters burns hotter faster and for longer than any other single use domestic firelighting product.

Further, by using such a fire-lighter each time it is extremely likely that the emissions, created during initial combustion, will be significantly reduced.

A few facts about our little firefighter and why we believe it is the best way to light a fire:

  • The materials and method used are consistent.
  • Our natural firelighter is just that, 100% natural and derived from waste products.
  • Our firelighter reached 728.8 centigrade during a recent test, more than required to ignite logs.
  • Smoke is only produced for a short amount of time, usually around the first 5 minutes of combustion.
  • Unique, it is the only firefighter of its kind available.
  • Patented, our design is well protected internationally.

A cleaner fire = less emissions

By starting out correctly a fire will burn hotter and subsequently more cleanly.

Further, by using a a firefighter which eliminates margin for user error, the perfect base for a fire its guaranteed.

Hot Box ® Firestarter creates the perfect base for a fire every time, without fail.

So, in answer to the above, a firefighter, such as Hot Box ® Firestarter can help produce less emissions when burning wood.

Importantly however, the fuel used after initial ignition is fundamental to keeping the fire burning cleanly.

What wood burns best?

Previously, Hot Box Stoves produced a guide on the best wood for woodburners, it would be remiss of me not to mention this.

However, when considering the best way to light a fire, it is equally as important to consider what fuel to use once the fire is lit.

Without referring completely to the article written by Hot Box stoves, we will briefly outline the top 3 types of wood to burn.

  1. In first place Ash burns with a great flame and produces plenty of heat.
  2. Beech, a close rival to Ash but can spit so it is better for woo burners than open fires.
  3. Birch, a firm favourite across the world, a hardwood that burns quickly with good heat.

Now, as with most things, there are also wood types to avoid, again, refer to Hot Box for more information. 

However, in brief you should look out for:

  1. Willow, will make a mess of your chimney due to having a high moisture content.
  2. Laburnum, produces acrid smoke and is poisonous.
  3. Spruce, burns really fast and tends to Spark, ok for use in closed appliances but can be dangerous on open fires.

Te best way to light a fire | What options are there for lighting a fire?

The fire lighting industry is surprisingly large. A plethora of products exist to assist the fire lighting process.

Ultimately, like with most fast moving goods channels, the best products tend to be the most convenient.

Sure, price is important but sometimes a ready meal wins out over buying all of the ingredients for obvious reasons.

This section aims to outline the products that are out there and offers insight into what they do.

Each comparison will be detailed, we will then crown our winner and show you the best way to light a fire!

Let’s start with some of the big players and take a peek at their offerings.

Zip Firelighters

The range offered by Zip is considerable.

Further, Zip is a global brand, distributing firelighters and fire related products all over the world.

Their Ange of fire-lighters has evolved in recent years and more products have been added to their portfolio.

However, the offerings could be considered standard fayre in the firelighter market.

The range is similar to the competition and consists of some natural firefighters and others that are considered ‘high performance’

In brief, Zip are a stone player in the firelighters industry but innovation is arguably needed to keep them relevant.

Fire Up

A Dutch Company offering an impressive range of firelighters and combustible products.

The range seems to offer the same products in different packaging.

Certainly, there is little unique about the products on show.

However, they are certainly functional and offer good eco credentials.

Further, ancillary products such as kindling and wood logs for part of their ranges.

Moreover, oven ready, kiln dried logs have made it into their repertoire.

Tiger Tim

Seemingly an umbrella for an array of well known brands:

  • Bryant and May, perhaps better known for matches than firelighters?
  • Tiger Tim, their own in house brand offering sachet firelighters, wood wood firelighters and firelogs, a comprehensive range.
  • Samba, only their wood wool and firelight could be considered firelighters. However, accelerants and lamp oils form part of their range.
  • Flame Fast, traditional examine based firelighters and a re packaged heat log form the range.
  • Fireglow, as above the fire glow brand consists f two pack sizes and a firelog.

The company boasts an impressive manufacturing facility and has ties with The Flame Group based across the pond in Holland.

Big K

What a range is the first consideration when looking at what Big K offer.

An extremely well known brand here in the UK, their firefighters have been around since 1964.

Originally, the company was set up to facilitate a need for charcoal, which was imported from Cyprus.

As it turns out, there was a demand for good quality charcoal, and so Big K began.

Today, the range offered by Big K is nothing short of impressive and consists of:

Importantly, Big K sell out things to do with fire and BBQ. However, their offerings in terms of firelighters can be limited to just two. Woodies and Eco Friendly Cubes. 


A relatively new player in town, made form recycled cardboard.

In trustingly the main claim off this product is that it will light a fire quicker and with less hassle than traditional methods.

We tried one and it was not sufficient to light logs on its own when used in a wood burning stove.

Moreover, the units produced a huge amount of smoke and did not get particularly hot to warm the flue.

However, perhaps this products is better suited to fireplaces with grates which allow airflow.

Our view, not one for a wood burner, despite the claims.

Hot Box Ⓡ Firestarter

fire lighter

So, currently there is only one product in the range.

However, if you are going to offer only a single product, make suite it is good.

Hot Box have come up with a solution that negates the need for firelighters and kindling.

The patented design works extremely well.

You can use this firelighters on its own and then add further fuel or, if you want, stack your logs around it before lighting for ultimate convenience.

This product is unique, there is no real alternative that we have found that offers the same level of convenience.

Further, we have tried this product in stoves, open fires, fire pits and pizza ovens.

The power of this little fire lighting product is unrivalled.

Conclusions and winners

We have clearly done our research on firelighters.

We have scoured the aisles of the supermarkets and referred to online offerings from an array of suppliers

Moreover, we have tested each of the products in a range of appliances, from stoves to pizza ovens.

Importantly, we have considered a number of factors when choosing our winner and offered a score against each to reach a total overall score.

The factors examined are as follows and the score is from 1-10, offering a maximum score of 50.

  • Value for money
  • Convenience
  • Usability
  • Inventiveness
  • Time to full fire. 

What we have found is that all but one of the products need kindling to get a proper fire started.

Few will ignite logs easily without the need for smaller tinder in the initial combustion phases.

The price points of the products are all similar but with some being more expensive then others.

Convenience has been tested across the board and thought given to what else is needed as a bolt on to each product.

Usability is key. although the process of firelighting can be pleasurable, we often dont have time to spend getting it right.

Moreover, the inventiveness of a product was also a key consideration. How did it compare to others in the market place, nobody likes a direct copy right?

It would be impossible for us to compare every product in its own right.

Therefore, we have based our findings on the key brands, as outlined, and compared the range of firelighters that they offer.

In order of appearance therefore, let us begin and give them a position, 1-6 before the winner is crowned.

A closer look at Zip Firelighters

A good range of firelighters and firelogs. However, kindling is still required when using all of the products. It was found that the chemical based firelighters and wood wool firelighters would ignite smaller logs but the time to full fire was long.

  • Value for money 7
  • Convenience 5
  • Usability 5
  • Inventiveness 2
  • Time to full fire 2

Total Score for Zip firelighters 21/50

We explore the Fire Up option

A varied range of products. However, nothing is offered that is not offered by others. Based upon variety of products the position is clear.

However, as with all others, kindling is still a requirement as part of the firelighting process.

Unlike others however, their Premium XXL firelighters do offer a great way to start a fire using smaller logs versus alternative firelighters.

  • Value for money 7
  • Convenience 5
  • Usability 5
  • Inventiveness 4
  • Time to full fire. 2

Total score for Fire Up firelighters 23/50

How does Tiger Tim perform?

5 Different brands supplying essentially the same thing in different markets.

There is little to segregate the products offered by Tiger Tim from all of the other manufacturers mentioned herein.

however, the products work and offer reliable firelighting solutions, again there is a need for kindling to bulk a fire when using these products.

  • Value for money 7
  • Convenience 5
  • Usability 5
  • Inventiveness 2
  • Time to full fire. 2 

Total score for Tiger Tim firelighters 21/50

The results for Big K firelighters

  • Value for money 6
  • Convenience 5
  • Usability 5
  • Inventiveness 5 some inventive steps with product bundles. 
  • Time to full fire 2 

Total score for Big K firelighters 23/50

An interesting option from Firebuilder

  • Value for money 7 based upon the claim that no kindling is needed on top of this product. 
  • Convenience 6
  • Usability 3
  • Inventiveness 7 the product is inventive and may work on open fires and fireplaces with a grate. 
  • Time to full fire 2 

Total score for Firebuilder 25/50

Hot Box ® Firestarter

lighting a fire without kindling or firelighters
lighting a fire without kindling or firelighters
  • Value for money 7 based upon the claim that no kindling is needed on top of this product. 
  • Convenience 8
  • Usability 8
  • Inventiveness 9 Completely unique and unlike anything else on the market in terms of fire lighters. 
  • Time to full fire 8 in under 20 mins, using large logs, a full fire was established in both test applications. 

Total score Hot Box ® Firestarter 40/50

How we chose our winner, are we biased?

So, we have tested an array of products from major brands and some independents.

Further, we have looked in detail at the entire range of products offered by each supplier.

Moreover, we have considered convenience, ease of use and inventiveness.

Importantly, we have also examined how long it took to produce a a fire using the range of firelighters.

Throughout the course of our tests we kept a number of factors consistent. We used the same wood stove each time, we used our own supply of logs from the same supplier, even the same bag, each time.

Ok, spoke you might think us biased in our opinion as a result of Firestarter being our own product.

However, we are honest folk and like to remain impartial.

The best way to light a fire | Let us explain our rationale…

In all cases, apart from when using Hot Box ® Firestarter we had to use kindling or smaller logs to build the fire from point of ignition.

This meant sourcing both firelighters and kindling and spending time and effort actually building a fire.

Interestingly, the offering from Firebuilder did suggest that we could simply add logs and would not need kindling but this did not work in our woodburner.

Further, the time to full fire was interesting, we not only accounted for the time it took for the flames to take hold but also the time it took to start the process.

Building a fire can take time, and using kindling and firelighters does require some care and skill.

With Hot Box ® Firestarter, we did not need to build anything, we simply popped out two holes, put a lighter to it and placed it in our stove. Within 5 minutes the flames were intense and after around 8 minutes we were ready for logs.

Alternatively, during one of our tests, we simply stacked logs around it and within 20 minutes we had a roaring fire.

In conclusion, if you own a wood stove, fire pit, pizza oven or any other appliance, want an easy and convenient way of lighting your fire and don’t want the hassle of having to build it, choose Hot Box ® Firestarter.

Fire without faff or failure, each and every time, and versus other firelighters, there really is little competition.

The best way to light a fire | Why choose Hot Box ® Firestarter over others

Certainly there needs to be good reason to consider a change in the way you light your fire.

Usually, cost plays an important part in a persons decision to purchase a firelighter.

However, sometimes convenience wins out over cost, especially when you consider the time saved.

Further, for some lighting a fire can be a challenge and may be considered a chore.

Below, we have outlined ten reasons why our patented firelighter should be your choice for both winter and summer time firelighting.

10 Reasons to choose Hot Box ® Firestarter | From Yorkshire with ❤️

  1. 2 in 1: Replaces both firelighters and kindling. One product that offers two functions, historically we have seen Wash & Go and other products which offer such claims.
  2. Consistent: A fire started with Hot Box ® Firestarter will always be the same, no user error, no bad batch of kindling, no bum firelighters.
  3. Fast: Ready for logs in around 6 minutes and a roaring fire in under 20 minutes. Our pated firelighter gets hotter faster than any other product for lighting fires out there.
  4. Cost: About the same in terms of cost versus buying kindling, from well known stores, and firelighters by well known brands. Our 8 Pack, which lights 8 fires is only £12.00 whereas our 27 Pack is only £36.00. The idea is that one offers enough fire power for a week whilst the other will last you a month.
  5. Options: A option to subscribe, our handy subscription service means that you will never run out of firelighters or kindling again. Buy online for next day delivery as and then you need.

Yes, there are at least another 5 reasons to choose our firelighter…

  1. Clean: Our products is carefully packaged and will not create a mess in your home unlike kindling in nets or traditional firelighters. Further, all of the packaging, barring the outer box which should be recycled, is burnt away leaving zero waste.
  2. Easy: It only take a matter of seconds to light the prefect fire using our firestarter. Further, anyone can do it.
  3. Convenient: Ultimately convenient, everything you need to light the perfect fire in one small neat package. Further, an 8 pack is only 8″ cubes so you can reduce the amount of storage space needed versus traditional kindling, in bags or nets, and firelighters.
  4. Unique: We all like to have something unique, Hot Box ® FIrestarter is patented in the UK and has international Patents Pending. We are the only people who can offer such a firestarter.
  5. Made in in Yorkshire: We have tried very hard to source all of our component parts from UK based suppliers. Further, our product is made in Yorkshire with ❤️.

The best way to light a fire | What are the pack options?

the best way to light a fire
8 Individual Fire Lighters – Hot Box Firestarter

Packaging the best way to light a fire has been an interesting journey.

So, we have given this a lot of thought when designing our concept.

How can we package our product for ultimate convenience was the question that we asked ourselves.

What would the customer want, how would they want their firelighters to arrive?

The answer, we broke our pack sizes down into timeframes and stuck with a simple cube shape to form the outer pack.

As a result, our thinking got us to the following pack sizes:

8 Pack | Forms a 200mm cube | Enough for a week plus one for lighting your pizza oven | For the avid firestarter

27 Pack | Firms a 300mm cube | Enough for a month, well almost, | For the consistent firestarter.

Further, our handy subscription model means that you can order once and have your firelighters delivered to your door at a frequency to suit you. Just choose subscription and checkout and we will delver the your box of choice each week or month as required.

Moreover, you can cancel at any time, we are completely flexible.

The best way to light a fire | Where can I buy the best way to light a fire?

As our product is new, we have not made headway into an physical retailers as yet. Further, as we launched during Covid-19 we have focused solely on building our online retail presence.

Buying Hot Box ® Firestarter is easy, we have already listed our neat little firelighter packs on an array of online platforms.

Our own online shop | Hot Box Firestarter is the best place to buy firelighters. 

E bay | Our e bay listing is there for your convenience. Also, you can save a little bit by ordering a fe fire starters at the same time.

Amazon | Hot Box ® Firestarter is now available on Amazon.

Retailers who stock Hot Box ® Firestarter | The best way to light a fire.

the best way to light a fire, retailer packs

As of yet, we have not engaged any retailers. However, once we the global pandemic subsides, we will be working hard to get our product into select retailers for the benefit of our customers. not everyone wants to order online…

A list of retailers will be published on our website and updated accordingly in due course.

The best way to light a fire | What can I use Hot Box ® Firestarter in?

Of course, all firelight, natural or otherwise should be versatile.

There is little point droning on about where our natural firelighter will work best, instead, we have put together a series of short videos to showcase this for you!


Hot Box ® Firestarter Vs Series 🔥

We put out to the test versus, a woodburner, a pizza oven, a fire pit and more will continue to follow…

Hot Box ® Firestarter Vs Fire-pit | The best way to light a fire

How to light a fire pit | The best way to light a fire


Hot Box ® Firestarter Vs Woodburner

How to light a woodburner | The best way to light a fire…

Hot Box ® Firestarter Vs Pizza Oven

How to light a pizza oven | The best way to light a fire

So, in conclusion, the best way to light a fire Is with Hot Box ® Firestarter | From Yorkshire with ❤️

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