The best way to light a woodburner

how to light a woodburner -

Lighting a wood stove | The best way to light a woodburner

The best way to light a woodburner has arrived, Hot Box ® Firestarter eliminates the need for kindling, fire lighters and building a fire.

The best way to light a woodburner is a highly debated topic.

There is clearly more than one way to light a wood burner.

Over the years, many methods have been devised, tried and tested.

Ultimately, the key to success is to start small, use dry fuel and build up your fire slowly.

However, the purpose of this article is to discuss the best way, not all of the ways.

The component parts | What you need to light a woodburner

Commonly, a wood stove user will need to gather, kindling, firelighters and logs.

Often, it is important to grade your logs into sizes with smaller pieces set aside to use in order.

Firstly, let us explore exactly what each component part is and outline its function in the process.

Firelighters | A vast array of options are available. Hexamine based lighters, natural firelighters, wood wool firelighters, the list is endless.

Kindling | Small pieces of wood, that are dry and will ignite quickly.

Logs | The drier your fuel the better, split logs to use during the initial combustion phases immediately after using your kindling.

The method | The best way to light a wood stove

After you have gathered and arranged your component parts, then comes the business of setting your fire.

Traditional teepee type stacks can be effective or a benga style format with firelighters underneath.

In the alternative, ‘the top down method’ can be pretty effective as it warms the flue faster.

Ultimately, the main aim is to create a bed of embers and then add your fuel.

Further, from an environmental perspective the less smoke produced the better.

Setting your fire correctly in the first instance will form a good base, the better the base, the better the fire.

The alternative | Categorically, the best way to light a wood stove | Hot Box ® Firestarter

the best way to light a wood burner


All of the above requires planning, organisation and time.

Sourcing kindling and firelighters can be one of those things that gets forgotten.

Obtaining logs, splitting them and stacking them needs space, time and effort.

At Hot box, we love the process of wood fires and enjoy the natural beauty of a nice stack of logs.

However, we appreciate that peoples lives are busy, their time is precious and even the simple things can be hard to cram into a hectic week,

Therefore, we created Hot Box ® Firestarter, which negates the need for firelighters, kindling, time, effort and faffing around building your fire.

The video below depicts just how easy it is to light a wood burner. using out patented firelighter.

All you need to do is add logs, so long as they are well seasoned and dry, our fire lighter packs enough of a punch to ignite even chunky lumber,

Don’t take our word for it, check out our video or visit our channel for more. 

I want Hot Box ® Firestarter | Where to buy the best way to light a woodburner

Our little fledgling product is now available to purchase.

To keep matters simple we are only currently offing the 8 Pack, enough for a week plus you could stick one in your pizza oven come the weekend.

Our small production facility in Yorkshire is just finding its feet but we do have stock ion the ground and ready to burn.

Further, we have tried our best to make them easy to get a hold of.

To add to the convenience, we are offering next day delivery on all orders placed by 14.00.

The following outlets are currently offering Hot Box ® Firestarter

For the moment at least we are keeping our little box close, we will be rolling it out later this year and hope to have it available via a few more retailers.

Hot Box ® Firestarter | From Yorkshire with Love ♥️


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