Things to do before lighting your fire | Get Winter ready


Things to do before lighting your fire | Useful tips to ensure you are winter ready

It may only be August, the sun may be shining. However, it is important to understand the things to do before lighting your fire this season.

However, getting prepared early for the winter or burn season is no bad thing.

Traditionally, the process of preparing for winter starts over the summer. Whilst the weather is fine it is easier to get prepared.

Our handy guide sets out the things that you can do to get ahead of the cold before lighting your fire for the first time.

Get winter ready | Hot Box ® Firestarter

The following tips are an ideal way to get ready for winter

Traditionally, the burn season starts from September as the colder nights start to draw in.

Lighting your fire for the first time

Now that you have had your chimney set or your wood burner serviced, stocked up on wood and firelighters you are ready to go.

Lighting a fireplace or stove for the first time after a long summer can be frustrating and does not always go according to plan.

The flue has been dormant for several months and the liner or masonry may be cold.

As a result, the draw may initially be limited until heat is re introduced.

Importantly, you need to start out correctly to get your fire going.

Hot Box ® Firestarter is the perfect fire in a box.

Our unique and patented stack of components will help you start the perfect fire every time without fail.

Before adding logs, it is crucial that you fist get some heat up the flue to create a draft.

Thereafter, logs can be introduced and you can start to enjoy the warmth from the flames.

Why not give our patented firefighter a try this burn season?

Furthermore, you will never need to buy fire lighters or kindling again.

Check out one of our little videos to see why our fire lighter is the best way to start the burn season in 2021.

Where can I buy Hot Box ® Firestarter?

Our handy little fire lighter can be purchased from the following outlets.

Direct from us | Check out the packs available on our online shop. 

Amazon | get yours delivered via Amazon. 

Further, if you are local to us, you can always pop into our showroom to pick up a pack or two. 

The best way to light a fire this winter season

As well as getting your wood fuel prepared, it is always handy to know how to light a fire.

The video below is just one way in which Hot Box ® Firestarter can help you build the perfect fire.

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