5 Ingenious ways to use a Hot Box Firestarter

how to light a fire without kindiling

We explore 5 ingenious ways to use the Hot Box Firestarter

Who would of thought that something as simple as lighting a fire could present such a challenge?

The need for warmth is a physiological need, lighting a fire used to be a basic life skill.

However, as our lives change and convenience prevails, the art of firelighting may have been left behind.

There are a plethora of firefighters and products to assist lighting a fire available.

However, most of them are only one part of the process and require add ons to complete the fire triangle.

Hot Box ® Firestarter offers users the ultimate firelighting experience in one.

Our convenient and natural firefighter replaces the need for kindling and firelighters meaning all that a user needs after using Hot Box is to add logs or briquettes.

Now, let’s take a look at the possible uses for our natural firestarter.

Ingenious way 1 – Lighting a Wood Burning Stove.

Straight in with the obvious, you know the main reason it was developed in the first place. Lighting a wood burning stove… May be not an ingenious thing to do, but most certainly is an ingenious way to do it… Grabbing your Hot Box Firestarter you may think can this really be all their is to it?

Don’t let its small stature fool you, inside is a meticulously, and lest we forget, patented formulation of components each engineered to work in harmony. Thus creating the perfect base for any fire.

To get started you just need to pop out the chimney on the top and the two little air intakes at the bottom. A gentle thumb press will have these perforated slots popped out in a jiffy.

Providing a chimney and air intake has already caught my attention and the lighting of it has become even more intriguing.

Once you have popped out the two elements you can place your firestarter straight into your appliance, just make sure you have one of the air vents facing you ready for ignition.

the best way to light a woodburner

What will Hot Box ® Fireststarter do now?

Now that you have it all set up the next step is to get this thing lit. Grab yourself a match or long lighter and aim for the open vent at the bottom. Once lit you need to stand well back! (only joking) you can gently bring the door to a close perhaps leaving a little air gap to begin with.

Once ignited you will see it in action, the initailly small flames start to wrap around the internal components and eventually onto the outer face of the box.

A puff of smoke starts to emit from the open chimney it all appears to be working well so far.

Once the internals have started to burn you will have a, dare I say it, ferocious fire on your hands flames spit from the chimney and the core structure of the fire lighter is exposed. Burning at extremely high temperatures the firestarter is doing its job.

After leaving it to do its magic for I would say around 3-4 Minutes it was ready for some more fuel we opted for the kiln dried ash logs. However, take some advice on the best wood for woodburners from guys who know. The drier the wood the better the result especially on a wood burning stove.

We loaded the wood into the burner and without a hesitation the heat from the firestarter lit them in no time. Flames dancing around the firebox with the lounge now getting that warm toasty blanket around it. Superb without a doubt a go to choice for lighting any wood burning stove.

Ingenious way 2 – Lighting a Pizza Oven

If you are fortunate to have an outdoor pizza oven or wood fired oven for that matter then you will know the trials and tribulations of lighting it.

Much like the wood burning stove the concept is to get your kiln dried logs blazing so that it creates enough heat within the pizza oven chamber.

Remember these pizza ovens need to reach some top temperatures if you want to whip your pizzas out in 60 seconds.

Now the biggest drawback to outdoor cooking is the time it takes to get going, from getting the fuel to loading it up and eventually finding the best way to get it lit (let alone keep it going).

This is where the Hot Box Firestarter excels, just as before pop out the chimney and air intakes and get your firestarter nice and central in your oven chamber (remember to keep the vent facing you).

Next you want to line up a couple of logs of kiln dried food grade wood either side of the Hot Box Firestarter, furthermore place two more logs horizontally across the firestarter and finally one piece on top.

Basically making a simple tower of 5 logs surrounding the firestarter.

Once you have some thing that resembles a jenga tower you are ready for ignition.

Ingenious way 3 – Lighting a fire pit

Firepits have become popular fairy for avid garden lovers, especially over the recent lockdowns…

Lighting them can sometimes be a time consuming and tricky process.

However, our little natural firefighter makes this process simple.

Our failsafe solution is ideal for use on fire pits.

Often, when using Hot Box ® Firestarer to light a fire pit, it is a good idea to build the logs around the box.

This way, you can literally light it, go and get yourself a glass, come back et voila, you will have a roaring fire.

Ingenious way 4 – Lighting a BBQ

We all recall the days of truing to get the BBQ going well in advance of your auntie arriving to devour all of your food right?

Lighting a BBQ can be a tricky undertaking and one that requires chemicals, effort and a high risk of ruining your do by bending over and blowing at a fire!

Not any more, Hot Box ® Firestarter is superb for lighting a BBQ.

Our advice, simply place the box in the base of the BBQ with the chimney hole and and at least one of the holes at the base open, set it alight and stack some logs around it.

Soon our firefighter will have made short work of the logs and the fire will be hot enough to rake the embers and add charcoal.

Now, simply add your charcoal on top of your raked embers and give it a while to take hold.

Thereafter, get your chicken out and fully explore your inner pit master!

Ingenious way 5 – Lighting an open fire or fire grate

By 2022 the ability to install open fires in your home will be moo more in the UK.

Although we will be allowed to install high efficiency wood stoves the good old fashioned roaring dog grate will become a relic.

However, we understand that people will still have them.

Therefore, when using Hot Box ® Firestarter in your fireplace, we recommend doing so in much the same way as when using it for a fire pit.

Off course you can set alight on its own and then slowly build the fire on top of it.

However, for the ultimate in firelighting convenience, simply stack your logs around it, set it alight via the hole at the bottom, sit back in your easy chair and give it ten.

Hot Box ® Firestarter will easily ignite even chunky lumber from a standing start.

Do the math.

Lighting a fire can be a time consuming and sometimes frustrating process. Hot Box ® Firestarter eliminates that frustration.

Our patented box produces the most heat in the shortest time versus any other fire lighter on the market.


Users have said that Hot Box ® Firestarter is the most convenient product that they have ever used to light their fire.

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Less emissions versus other methods of firelighting. Further, our product is completely natural, chemical free and odourless.

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Of customers surveys say that they now prefer using Hot Box ® Firestarter versus their usual alternative, citing ease of use and cost as the main drivers.

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