What can I use instead of kindling?

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What can I use instead of kindling | Hot Box ® Firestarter provides the answer…

What can I use instead of kindling is a question asked by many.

Some argue that kindling is an essential component when starting a fire. 

Kindling helps generate heat and transfer the flames created by a firelighter to larger logs.

Usually, kindling is made up of small pieces of dry split wood.

However, it is possible to use other items too such as pine cones, newspaper tied in a knot, or even bark.

All of these items will need to be foraged, created, separated or carefully considered.

For many of us, the time to prepare these items is simply not available.

Convenience is therefore a key consideration when thinking about what to use instead of kindling.

Is Hot Box ® Firestarter the answer to this question? Let’s consider the answer…

What can I use instead of kindling? 

Where can I buy kindling may be a good placer to start before considering alternatives.

Kindling is often found in a bag or net at a petrol station forecourt or supermarket. 

Further, kindling in various forms, is available online via popular platforms. 

As suggested above, the following items can be used in place of traditional kindling.

  • Pine cones, these will need to be foraged, you will need a significant number of them and may also have to dry them for some time.
  • Newspaper made into a knot, newspaper in our homes has become less prevalent in this digital age.
  • Bark from logs, you will usually find thins in the bottom of you log bag. However, you will need to prepare it and ensure that it is small and dry to use it as kindling.
  • Split logs, of course, you can always split your logs down into smaller pieces and arrange them as kindling. However, you will need a chopping block and decent axe or hatchet. 

All of the above offer alternatives to kindling when building a fire.

However, non of them are particularly convenient.

Further, they will all need some sort of change or preparation to make them suitable as a kindling substitute.

However, at Hot Box, we have developed the answer to lighting a fire without kindling.

Moreover, we have packaged it and patented it in the UK, and Europe.

Furthermore, our solution creates the perfect fire, without kindling, every time, without fail.

Moreover, user error or discrepancy is eliminated and our fire-lighter will work in any appliance.

So what is it?

Making a fire without kindling…

So, we have examined where to buy kindling and kindling substitutes.

Thereafter we have looked at Hot Box ® Firestarter as an alternative to kindling.

If you are looking to build a fire without kindling, the solution is clear, Hot Box ® Firestarter.

Further, Firestarter is ultimately convenient and saves time and effort versus other kindling alternatives.

What about costs?

Ok, so convenience always tends to cost more.

So, you can buy a box of kindling, firelighters and matches for around £25.00 from a popular online retailer. 

The product description suggests that you will get 2-2.5kg of product for this price.

How many fires can be produced using this is the key question?

So, we gave it a go…

In total, we were able to build 19 fires from what was supplied. £1.31/fire.

However, we had to build the fires, which took time and effort.

On the plus side, the goods arrived the next day.

However, we also considered our 27 Pack of Hot Box ® Firestarter’s at £36.00 for 27 fires.  £1.33/fire. 

The results were similar. However, we did not ned to build a fire and got the same results every time.

Conclusions for what to use instead of kindling?

Based upon our tests, of course we may be bias, we recommend the following.

The cost is £0.02 more than kindling and firelighters.

The convenience provided is not measurable.

The results are the same, if not better.

Hot Box ® Firestarter is what you should use to light a fire instead of kindling.


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