How to light a fire

how to light a fire

How to light a fire

How to light a fire is important during the winter months.

Even if you have never done it before, you cannot fail using our patented firelighter.

Further, the initial phases of combustion will impact on how efficient your fire is.

An efficient fire will pay dividends when it comes to heat output and fuel usage.

Creating the perfect base for your fire duering ignition phases is critical.

So, how to light a fire the Hot Box ® way!

Our patented process

Step 1

Buy Hot Box ® Firestarter

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Makes firelighting

Step 2

Light at the base

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really easy

Step 3

Add logs

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and efficient

Step 4

give it 5, enjoy your fire

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How to light a fire

Don’t believe that lighting a fire can be so easy, watch the time lapse.

Further, our patented fire starter works in stoves, wood burners, fireplaces, pizza ovens, BBQ’s and more.

Moreover, our patented design generates more heat more quickly than any other natural product available.

Of course, this is not the only way to use Hot Box ® Firestarter to light your fire.

Our unique fire starter can be used in a number of ways.

  1. The top down method, stack logs below Hot Box and place the box on top. Check out this method on Youtube. 
  2. Stack logs around or on top of your Hot Box, light and leave, take a look at the video. 
  3. Wait for Hot Box to burn, then add your fuel. The choice is yours…

How to light a fire | Whichever way you choose to use Hot Box ®, the benefits are clear.

  • No kindling, firelighters or newspaper.
  • No requirement to build or set your fire.
  • Mess from kindling and firelighters is eliminated.
  • A method that works the same way every time.
  • More heat, more quickly leads to less emissions and a more efficient fire.
  • No harmful chemicals, just a unique set of components create our natural firelighters. 

How to light a fire | Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burns best on a bed of its own ash with air from the top.

However, some wood stoves have more than one air control.

Importantly, when lighting a fire in a wood burning stove, even using Hot Box, you will need to ensure the appropriate vent is open.

Air vents on wood burners allow oxygen into the combustion chamber and complete the fire triangle.

Heat | Fuel | Oxygen

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