Our unique Artisan firelighter has to date received several international and domestic patents. The design of our firelighter is what makes it unique, the way in which it works is what makes it ultimately convenient. 

Why Patent a Firelighter? 

Our natural firelighter is completely unique. The way in which it is made means that each component inside the box is supported without the need for glue or pins. 

Simply put, our fire lighter uses only natural products stacked in a particular way to create the perfect fire every time without fail. 

Further, the design of our natural firelighters means that you no longer need to construct a fire using traditional methods such as kindling , tinder, paper or firelighters. 

Hot Box ® Firestarter will create the perfect fire every time without fail in a range of appliances from wood burning stoves, fire pits, pizza ovens and BBQ’s. 

Further, owing to the way in which our natural fire lighters are made, they generate more heat, more quickly than any other version currently available. 

Simply pop out the chimney and a single hole at the base, light at the bottom and what. In under 8 minutes you will have the perfect fire and you can add further fuel thereafter. 

Hot Box ® Firestarter | Patents

We have achieved the following granted patents in the UK and have International applications undergoing examination.

Granted Patents

  • UK Patent No. GB 2575139 B
  • UK Patent No. GB 2592284 B
  • European Patent No. 3814459
  • Japanese Patent No. 7055489

Patents Pending

  • US Patent Application No. 17/253,377
  • Canadian Patent Application No. 3,103,063

Design Rights

Our design rights are in force across the UK and the EU and relate to the appearance of our product.

  • EU Registered Design Nos. 005525037-0001 & 005525037-0002
  • UK Registered Design Nos. 90055250370001 & 90055250370002

Trade Marks UK

Hot Box ® is a registered trade mark. Our distinctive name, logo and flame icon are consistent across our product range and they form our brand.

  • UK Registered Trade Mark No. UK00003328449
  • UK Registered Trade Mark No. UK00002535807
  • UK Registered Trade Mark No. UK00003328453

Our thinking

By eliminating the stages needed to create the perfect fire and bundling them into a single process, combustible with ‘one click’ of a lighter or ‘one strike’ of a match, we solve a problem. The Hot Box ® Firestarter was designed to allow any user to quickly and easily start a fire with a single, pre-assembled array of components and to allow further fuel to be added thereafter.

Fire without kindling

Hot Box ® Firestarter eradicates the need for kindling when lighting a fire in a range of appliances.

Our product replaces both kindling and firelighters and eliminates user discrepancy or error when building a fire.

Further, our unique design creates more heat, more quickly than any other natural firelighting product.

As a result, the emissions produced during the initial combustion phase will be significantly reduced.

More heat = Less emissions = A cleaner fire