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At Hot Box, we believe that the best firelighter should be able to create fire in an appliance without kindling.

Moreover, we believe that the best firelighter should eliminate user inconsistency or error ad create the perfect fire every time.

As such, we set about creating our own natural firelighter which eliminates the need for kindling.

If you are tired of buying, chopping or preparing kindling to set a fire in your wood burner, fireplace, fire pit or any other appliance,

Hot Box ® Firestarter may be just what you need. Fire without kindling and failure. 🔥

Furthermore, in order to replace or eradicate the need for kindling, a firelighter must generate significant heat.

As such, the neat that would otherwise be created by burning kindling or small pieces of dry timber, needs to be replaced.

Usually, firelighters are small and designed only to ignite diner or kindling.

As such, they do not usually need to generate significant heat in their own right.

However, we believe that the best firelighter should be capable of generating enough heat to eliminate the need for kindling.

Interestingly, wood logs have an auto ignition point. As such, the best firelighter should be able to create sufficient heat to create the spontaneous combustion of wood fuel.

Eradicate the need for kindling…

Conventional firelighters fall short of this, especially natural firelighters and a user will always have to start with a layer of kindling.

However, Hot Box ® Firestarter will generate sufficient heat to auto ignite seasoned hardwood logs quickly and easily.

In fact, our natural firelighter will exceed this temperature quite easily.

Further, our natural fire-lighter generates more heat, more quickly than any other firelighter currently available.

Recent tests show temperatures close to 700 centigrade are achieved inside a wood burner in as little as 10 minutes.

Importantly, this also has an impact on how clean a fire will burn.

By default, a hotter fire will produce less smoke and patellate matter than a colder fire.

By achieving complete combustion of wood fuel inside a given appliance by rising temperatures, emissions are significantly reduced.

The premise of Hot Box ® Firestarter has always been one of convenience. However, by default our eco firelighter also helps reduce emissions form the wood burning process.

So how does the best firelighter work?

Generating heat from a firelighter requires the key components of the fire triangle to be embodied.

Simply soaking a piece of wood in paraffin or wood wool in wax will create flames but will generate little in the way of heat.

Heat | Oxygen | Fuel | The Fire Triangle

Ok, so our firelighter is not a triangle, it is in fact a cube.

However, the basis of our product fully embodies the principals of the fire triangle.

Let’s set this out and explain how our firelighter does this.


We remain reliant on a good old fashioned match or lighter to create the initial spark, or a small amount of heat.

A small, completely natural, accelerant, is used to get the fire started.

Initially, this will happen inside the container and be hidden from view.

However, don’t worry, our patented fire-lighter will not fail.


Our unique and patented formation promotes airflow around the fuel elements to ensure the heat is transferred across the firelighter.

Inside the container, our fuel elements are spaced apart which allows airflow and promotes effective combustion.

Quickly, within around 5 minutes, the components inside the box will start to produce significant heat.

Further, tests depict that they will reach in excess of 600 centigrade.


Our stack of natural components provides enough fuel to build up your fire.

After around 8 minutes, you can add larger logs, make sure they are ready to burn.

Thereafter, this heat is transferred to larger pieces of fuel and a sustained fire is created.

Alternatively, you can simplify the process further by adding your logs and our patented fire lighter at the same time.

Importantly, this allows you to do something else whilst the fire takes hold.

Crucially, our firestarter will generate enough heat to achieve auto ignition of seasoned wood logs.

Further, each unit will burn for around 17 minutes, based upon tests in a log burner.

Pretty simple really…

However, the challenge when creating the best firelighter was how to contain all of the elements required inside a container during use and transit.

This became our focus and Hot Box ® Firestarter continues to evolve.

The Best Firelighter | The perfect fire every time

Further, in our opinion, the best firelighter should create the perfect fire every time.

Moreover, when using kindling to start your fire, there are a number of variables to consider.

User differences, nature of the kindling, moisture content, the type of wood, which firelighter is used, how much air etc etc.

Importantly, all of the above will produce different results in each case. Further, when results vary, emissions may be increased and there could even be a failure rate.

However, the best firelighter, being Hot Box ® Firestarter, delivers the same results every time and create the perfect fire without fail.

Surely this is the benchmark for the best Firelighter?

Try Hot Box  ® Firestarter now?

TRy Hot box ® firestarter now 🔥 Logs for wood burner | Which wood is best? 🪵

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