What is the best kindling for a wood stove?

lighting a fire without kindling or firelighters

Lighting a stove using kindling | You don’t need kindling?

What is the best kindling for a wood stove?

There are various opinions on this subject but Hot Box ® have come up with an alternative solution.

Most stove users rely on firelighters or newspaper to ignite kindling.

The following article outlines one method which used widely to light a wood stove. 

However, it is often the arrangement of the kindling in a wood stove which is important.

Fire requires three basic element, heat, fuel and oxygen. 

Hot Box ® Firestarter embodies these elements and eradicates the need for kindling, newspaper and firelighters when lighting a wood stove.

Arguably, you can still use kindling which can be bought pre cut.

Alternatively, you can form your own kindling using an axe or hatchet.

Cut from logs you will need to split each log into small kindling sticks.

We argue that you do not need firelighters, kindling or newspaper.

Further, using Hot Box ® Firestarter, the entire process of building a fire has already been done.

How to use Hot Box ® Firestarter in place of kindling, newspaper and firelighters.

Simply pop out the air holes form Hot Box ® Firestarter, light with a match or lighter and then add logs.

The entire process and time to full fire takes around 5 minutes in a wood burning stove.

Check out one of our videos to see why Hot Box ® Firestarter is better than kindling. 

Adding logs from the start

what is the best kindling for a wood stove

When lighting your fire using Hot Box ® Firestarter you can also add logs at the very start.

We recommend the following method for doing this which is arguably the best way to light a wood burning stove.

  1. Pop out the chimney and one of the holes at the base of our unique firelighter.
  2. Place the box on your grate or fire bed, leave access for a match or lighter to ignite the fire lighter via the hole at the base.
  3. Stack some logs around Hot Box ® Firestarter.
  4. Ignite the box via the opening at the base.
  5. Close the door of your wood burner, leave the air vent open and wait around 5 minutes.

Because of the unique stack of components inside our firelighter, the time to full fire is significantly reduced versus other methods.

Out firelighter will reach temperature of around 600 centigrade after five minutes.

The auto ignition point of wood is between 300 and 420 centigrade.

Our firestarter will generate more heat, more quickly than any other.

Further, our patented design means that you will never need kindling, newspaper or firelighters again.

What is the best kindling for a wood stove | Where to buy?

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