The best firelighters for stoves, wood burners, pizza ovens and more?

how to light a perfect fire

The Best Firelighters for wood burners

The best firelighters for stoves are open for discussion.

Before we begin, let us outline our credentials.

Why do were know so much about lighting fires?

The simple answer to this is experience.

We are Hot Box, our company is Hot Box Stoves Limited.

We have been supplying and installing wood burning stoves across Yorkshire for over 14 years.

During this time, we have fitted 1000’s of wood burners. 

As part pf this process, we have honed our technique to light a fire in a wood burner.

Based upon our knowledge and experience, we decided to design, package and patent our own natural firefighter.

Hot Box ® Firestarter was born…

Without question, the simplest, most efficient way to light any wood burner without the need for separate firelighters and kindling.

The best firelighters for stoves | The wood, the bad, and the ugly…

The best firelighters for stoves is a topic worth exploring, some may say it is a hot topic! 🔥😂, sorry…

With winter approaching, many of us are thinking about getting our fires going during the chiller evenings.

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in front of the TV as the weather closes in outside.

Luckily, whilst we have been enjoying a warm summer, Hot Box have been busy.

In advance of the coming burn season, we have taken some time to review the best firelighters for stoves during 2021.

Let’s be clear, we are not here to bore you, au contraire, we just want to help.

As such, we have chosen 4 of the best firelighters, based upon reviews, for stoves and put them to the test.

To be honest, lighting your wood stove every night after a long day at work can sometimes be a chore.

Faffing about with kindling, rooting in the garage, blowing at the fire etc…

We have all been there, but we tend to do it because the warmth provided by real fire is what we crave.

Further, with much talk in the news about energy prices, I would imagine many of us will reach for our logs as an alternative this season.

On average, the BBC suggests the average house will have to spend an additional £139.00 on gas and electricity this year.

However, contrary to this, wood has remained pretty stable, and the price of running your stove is an aside in comparison.

Further, there is never the same enjoyment when it comes to simply adjusting a thermostat versus the charm of a roaring log fire.

Anyway, enough of that, let’s get down to business and take a look at the best firelighters for stoves…

The best firelighters for stoves | The contenders.

Ok, as with most things, there is always a plethora of choice.

However, it is worth considering a few things that you might need in addition to a fire lighter.

As such, we have set out a handy guide to show our contenders and the items needed to compliment them.

Since Palaeolithic man, the principals of firelighter have not really changed. You will always need, a few basic items. Heat, fuel and oxygen.

The ability to generate heat these days is done with firelighters and some kindling. Oxygen comes from the air inlet to your stove.

However, we are looking for the best firelighter, kindling may well be a thing of the past??

We tested the following firelighters to see which one came out on fire…

The best firelighters for stoves | Why only 4

Ok, so when you really break it down, that is pretty much all there is.

Every man and his dog has brought a wood wool firelighter to the market.

Most have tried squashing sawdust with wax to form a little cube.

Some have gone a step further and resold the basic concept of an egg box with holes in.

However, few have taken firelighters to the next level.

In reality, we could only identify 4 types of natural firelighter worthy of review.

Don’t believe us, check out the main page of a popular e commerce site. wood wool, wood wool, wood wool, compressed sawdust, etc etc.

We rest our case!

best firelighters for wood stoves

The best firelighters for stoves | See them in action?

At Hot Box, we like to put things to the test, we want them to work so we always test products using extremes.

To make our competition fair, we carried out our testing process using the following set criteria.

    • Same stove | Our Stuv inset, a lovely stove…
    • Same conditions, we did the tests on the same day, the weather was the same, the outside temperature was the same.
    • Consistent wood fuel, we used logs from one supplier, delivered at the same time and stored all summer in our wood store.

Further, our camera was set in the same position, we used the same camera and did not engage in any trickery

Ok, so starting with our winner, out very own Hot Box ® Firestarter, lets unveil the results.

Remember, this is a big stove, so it takes a while to get up to temperature but the test is the same for all…

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