How do you make a perfect fire?

how do you make a perfect fire

How do you make a perfect fire | Use Hot Box ® Firestarter?

How do you make a perfect fire is a popular question.

Of course, this process can be done manually and everyone may have their own technique.

However, at Hot Box, we have created the perfect fire and packaged it into a handy cube.

Why is making the perfect fire so important?

Getting your fire started during winter 2022 may be more important than ever.

Rising costs of fossil fuels have seen the demand for natural alternatives soar in recent months.

At Hot Box, our installation teams are user than ever fitting wood burners.

Arguably, this spike in demand may be due to the current energy crisis.

However, lighting the perfect fire is more important than ever for the following reasons.

  • Reduce emissions by generating heat quickly.
  • Get the most from your fuel by having the perfect base for a larger fire.
  • Making sure you do not heed to return to the fire once you have set it to reduce any waste.

How does Hot Box ® Firestarter create the perfect fire?

After over a decade installing wood burning stoves, one common theme prevailed.

Lighting methods and variations in kindling and wood fuel led to inefficiency during the ignition process.

At Hot Box, we got thinking and decided to build the perfect fire and put it in a box.

Now, unlike traditional firelighting methods, all you need to do is light the box and wait.

The gallery below depicts the process of how to make a perfect fire in a wood burner.

However, the technique depicted will work on a range of appliances.

How do you make a perfect fire?

Creating the perfect fire could not be easier when using Hot Box ® Firestarter.

As convenient as a two in one shampoo, our patented design takes the faff out of fire.

There are a number of ways to use our unique fire in a box.

The following videos show but a few…

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